Woodstock to Fredericton  Day 80- 99 km

Last night I had a super meal at the motel which was good as I hadn’t really eaten properly since leaving Rivière du loup. So I was in bed early and surprisingly slept really well and was up early and ready to leave just before 8am into a beautifully sunny day.

I was just thinking what a lovely day when my first hill loomed into sight still nothing I couldn’t handle. Then I noticed the handling of the bike was wrong looked down dam another puncture so there I was changing a tyre first thing in the day.

As I put the tyre back again I finally believe I’ve found the problem. I saw a small nick in the tyre and got my knife out only to dig a piece of glass out I believe when I went off rd yesterday it must have caused a small part to put a hole in the inner tube. So I took the tyre off again and dug out all the glass well I hope I have. I believe it’s been in there a long time. 

I knew at some point today I wanted to get on the old 102 Hwy so followed directions from Amy thanks pal. As I was going through Meductic a lady stopped and also suggested the same route then as it was so hot invited me in for some homemade lemonade( how could I refuse)  so I sat in the kitchen in a very comfortable rocking chair chatting away. So by 11 am I had not got very far. 


 Another view of the day

  Down Richie rd as told by Amy and a local  a bit bumpy but off I went

  Then turned very rocky but down by the river

  And finally the bridge although due to the height had to haul black Betty up which was a bit of a struggle 

  Then a little further I was on the old Hwy 102

Which I followed up and down till God knows why I believe Google but turn off to be directed down to the university where I was going to stay tonight.

I took a left at what I thought was top of a climb off to kingsclear which would bring me in on the 640.oh so very wrong. When will I learn stick with what you planned. It may have only been 27 km to go but boy did I fight for every single one. As I turned off I was still climbing and the road was like a roller coaster up and down. As I finally joined the 640 I was hit with serious roadworks I mean no Tarmac just a rough dirt track and cars bouncing in pot holes stop and go etc which further delayed me. By this time on the rd I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast and no shop in sight today. Timmys came into view but congestion on the rd etc I  just wanted to get to my accommodation for the evening.

I pulled in at the uni office only to find the hostel makes you put a  deposit on keys which you then have to return on the morning of departure which meant a 15 min journey back up a hill to return a key plus no where secure to leave my bike at the hostel downtown and if I stayed on campus no food so it was  going into downtown  On that note I declined and went off in search of other digs. I suppose I could have worked something out but with the heat and lack of food I just left . 
I cycled across the bridge to try and get something on the 105 which I will leave on and found the Norfolk Motel well it was going to be alright after all I come from Norfolk so here I am. Unsure now what my plans are if I continue onwards tomorrow I will have to do a food shop. I only managed to get something from a local garage tonight. Or do I stay and go to the big market in town tomorrow and have a day off decision? Maybe I’ll sleep on it. I know between here and Moncton there is not a lot in between so I need to stock up as I will have to camp.

Also in all this mucking about to day I missed at the end of the day my 6,000 km mark

Not long to go now but I’m feeling it now with the hills. But I will push on now I’ve come this far.


5 thoughts on “Woodstock to Fredericton  Day 80- 99 km

  1. Hey Sis just need to dig in there. As you say you’ve come a mighty long way so bit of camping and making some food should be a doddle to a woman of your stature.

    Not long now till you catch up with Pete and have some well earn RR. I’m sure Pete looking forward to spoiling you anyway.

    Mx Mike & Sera Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Liz I think you have had better days or is that understatement!!. That’s some milestone 6000km think you’re right you have come this far you should just keep going lol. Love you


  3. Keep at it Liz, I have really enjoyed following your progress. It looks a beautiful country and you have done amazing. Take care.
    Lots of love
    Claire, Ian and Sam x


    • Yeah starting to try and take shorter days but doesn’t always work out that way. Just been given people’s names who are going to allow me to camp in their back yard near the grand lake on way to Moncton tomorrow. So may even take a swim if it’s possible. They have a cottage at Mill Cove her brother is putting me up on Monday night at Sailsbury then on towards Prince Edward Island home of potatoes and Anne of Green Gables what a mixture but looking forward to going across the confederation bridge ( not allowed to cycle it) soon be over shame but I’m big tired now but looking forward to seeing Pete on the 1 St Sept and 3 weeks hols.


      On Saturday, August 8, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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