Montmagny  to St Andre Day 73 – 110 km

had a lovely sleep in My chic motel last night. 3 wetabix breakfast and I was full of energy for the day ahead. As I left the hotel I was also blessed with the wonderful tail wind pushing me on and it felt great 20 km just flashed by.  The country side and the views of the river were great. I started seeing hills in the distance my side so know some time soon I’ll be venturing in land after Rivieres du loup which is where I’m heading for Saturday and Sunday. 


Crossing the river leaving my motel 


Pictures of the St Lawrence and at this rate I thought I’d make it to Rivieres Du Loup today but the gods had other plans. I like stopping to read the history of the place and points of interest normally but for some unknown reason in Quebec Province they do not have translation like other states into English . A bit one sided to a tourist who just wanted info. I then went into tourist info centre in one town but she could only tell me about that place so not very helpful. So come on Quebec you need to help tourist out here with  signage.

 At lunch time I stopped at Timmys to check if the hostel had room for me but they were full so that  changed my plans. Booked in there tomorrow for 2 nights thou. As I left Timmys the sky turned very dark and I was heading into it dam.

So I took shelter in the only thing I could find

I waited it out but as usual it passed and I stayed dry and most important warm with the sun coming out. Yes I’m jammy but that’s the breaks

Another village with a pretty river running through it

I would have loved to explore in there hidden gems abound

Coming into kamouraska a pretty town on the river front but unfortunately no room at the inn so on I went to  St Andre here , where in my best French managed to secure a room and a lovely meal for the night. As luck would have it another pair of cyclists have just rolled in so going to have a  drink with them.

Any port in a storm  I like it

Quebec to Montmagny – Day 72 – 60 km

After a busy day sightseeing I thought I’d get a good nights sleep how wrong. It was just to hot my fellow roomies from the south of France were great we tried windows open doors open and leaving the curtains open to let the air come through. It was still a hot sticky night but managed some sleep even thou I could hear people and cars in the street below. I woke and looked at my I pad I’m sure it said 6.20am I waited and thought I’d get up early shower and have breakfast and be on my way. Wrong read the clock wrong I was hour early so by 6.50 I was waiting for breakfast to open up.

I was on the the road and caught the ferry just after 0830am and in some ways missed the heat of the day later on. 

Leaving Quebec crossing to Levis  with all the commuters but not to busy. Speaking to fellow bikers and as usual the two question most asked  was by yourself, and how many flat tyres.

The hills just outside Quebec City

The waterfall from the other side of the water

More views as I left Levis going slightly up hill on the cycle path stretched the legs. But I must admit was feeling rather tired today but pushed on.

Look my own little cycle path walkers on the far left and we even have roundabouts neat. Everyone  is very friendly and bonjour Madame was the order of the day, with a few coming up from behind me seeing my sign and shouting Bon voyage.

Along the St Lawrence  I went.

I stopped at a little village at a grocery store and picked something out for my meal to night and baguette for lunch day sorted.

My grocery shop lovely little village and friendly shop. Saint Michel de Bellehassle.

Yes in someone’s garden beats  gnomes!

Also these I just had to stop and take photos

 Lunch stop today where I stopped.

Then it got very hot and sticky  today and I knew we maybe in for rain later. My host at Montreal had given me a name of a motel called Motel Wig Wam so as I came into town I thought I’d have a early mark and catch up on sleep. The weather then turned cloudy  then got hotter as I went out for milk was a bamy 31 but as suspected it’s now raining glad I took the decision to stop.

A rainy night but warm.

Quebec Rest Day -Day 71 Scorching

Last night after a few  drinks I managed to climb into my top bunk before my fellow roomies arrived home. To say the room was like a sauna is putting it mildly but I fell a sleep due to my few drinks only to be woken by my roomies crashing about. After that due to the heat it was off and on sleep and I was up early for breakfast and to get some cool air a fan doesn’t do it no air conditioning here. My roomies leave today so I’ve shifted to bottom bunk before my new roomies move in today.

I was at the tourist info by 9am and booked a double whammy bus then boat trip to see the waterfall up the river. I thought due to the heat I wasn’t going to cycle and if I walked about I would be equally shattered. So a good choice as it happens and got a quick glimpse of everything so Pete and I can come back.

This is actually part of the railway station would you believe 

This sits on top of one of the churches St  Roch Saint of animals. It was just next to the Mec which I resisted going into (great outdoor shop)

Pretty good art work under the motorway looked really cool

The iconic chateau now a hotel with over 600 rooms bit pricey I’m just down the road in dossers paradise!!!! I know my place

The grain silos on the harbour massive.

This is the street where all local artists and tourist go to buy stuff nice  with lots of cafes at the bottom a bit like St Micheals Mount near St Malo. To say there is all sorts of shopping to be done in Quebec is a understatement  but on a bike trip it makes no sense to buy anything you have to carry.
It can be reached by going down the funicular 

As you can see the hotel at the top and cafes etc at the bottom  on a lovely very hot summers day nothing better.
  Cartier St I think it has great art lampshades up and down

My ferry that will transport me across the river tomorrow to Levis

Going up the river you can see the hills where they go skiing in the winter 

Montmorency Falls higher than Niagra Falls I’m told and can be climbed in the winter when they freeze

The smaller one at the side. Still impressive so worth a return visit Pete 

To some up Quebec it has a vibe of a European City  very French  plenty of places to eat and sit people watching.

So it’s a early night and try not to wake my room trying to get all my bags downstairs tomorrow.

Cap Sante to Quebec City – Day 70 67 km

I was woken to a boat going up the St Lawrence and sounding it’s Fog horn  I looked out to see fog  but still warm. The time I got dressed packed up and had breakfast the fog had cleared a bit and didn’t cause any problems. In a hour it had burned off leaving a very warm day with bright sunshine. Thank goodness there was a breeze but it was very warm.

First thing as I cycled along.

I love this out side a supermarket your trolley, becomes  a chariot here I must remember that when going up and down the aisles should I put spikes on my chariot like Ben Hur!!!!!

I saw the old guy who stopped to offer assistance when I had my puncture yesterday he was out for his daily cycle and waved  at me as I passed going the other way.

Not to far. But after I took the coastal  route it added on the km but it was a nice ride if not a little hilly as I approached. Quebec City I believe that’s what it will be like when I continue on Thursday. Well I knew the flat couldn’t last for ever.

Looking out on the seaway as I continued towards Quebec.

It’s getting nearer

The promenade I cycled along to get to the old port it was lovely  with people out sitting  and cyclist  and runners and walkers all out and about.

Even lunch time exercise classes being completed

People just chilling in the area

The pathway I followed

Art work along the front

Just a few photos as I walked about looking for somewhere to eat. Will explore more tomorrow. I know the middle picture is St Johns Gate the bottom looked a nice restaurant for expensive people not for the likes of me staying in a hostel. 

As it happens my bunk was bottom one but got the top bunk as some whipper snapper as stolen my allocated space. This could be fun tonight as the hostel is selling Weiss beer from Belgium which is going down nicely on a warm summers night and I haven’t met my fellow roomies that will teach them. I’ll move down to the bottom when they leave tomorrow. Carrying my bags up 2 flights was bad when I arrived as I was so hot but felt better after a shower  speaking to Pete then out for a Billy no mates meal which I don’t mind meal was nice and I even had chocolate  cake  for pudding which was heavenly( look I didn’t eat lunch) and no Timmys today what do you want me to starve.

Now my friend  Amy made her final destination to day  at Newfoundland having started at Victoria BC long before me so a big well done Amy a achievement well deserved so I raise my glass to you my friend  oh it’s empty I’ll have to hit the bar again what am I like. Wish I was there to celebrate in person. 

The host has a mixed bunch even people my own age and a bar man who likes Dire Straits so not that bad.

Trois Rivieres  to Cap Sante – Day 69 – 69 km

What can I say about  last nights motel except it was nice to leave enough said. Today the weather started cloudy but humid and hot and by lunch time I had to find a table in the shade at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade. I was so hot. Also because of not getting enough sleep last night  I fell asleep resting my head on the table and felt better. 

The little towns today were no exception very pretty and some lovely old churches.

Almost felt like it was going to thunder but it didn’t first thing before the sun came out very quickly.

A lot of the churches look very similar round here and they like the double turret but very imposing.


Very pretty village down by the St Lawrence even went down to their jetty and the  church above and historical house was part of the village.

Watched the locals launch their boat to go fishing down at the small harbour of Champlain.

I knew I wasn’t going to go to far today as I’m not booked into the Quebec hostel till tomorrow so was just staging to my location tonight but with the help of Pete last night managed to find a nice motel which is reasonable and best of all clean!!!!!

One of the big boats going by earlier today

Also crossing a bridge which told cyclists to dismount and walk which was a tight squeeze with panniers on, only to watch the French women h ignoring that and cycling across but I was committed and couldn’t turn round so lesson learnt (when in Rome).

A tight fit 

Also lots of fruit stands at the side of the road I went passed but unable to carry strawberries or raspberries

The bridge coming into Saint Anne for a lunch time break under the bridge are again a double frontage church


And another 

By early afternoon the sun was fully out and it was like cycling through a open oven door at 200. It was then I noticed black Betty was not handling well I looked down to find rear tyre almost flat so I stopped to pump it up  but it wouldn’t stay up. Sod’s law only 10 km from my motel and now the sky’s were turning dark blue with rumbles of thunder. Well the Grand Prix guys would have been impressed at how quick I took panniers off changed the inner tube and I was off. I pulled in hot sticky and even dripping sweat on the Tarmac outside the motel. Again no rain  but as I sit and write this it’s raining with thunder so glad I’m not camping also puncture repaired only a tiny hole I’ve checked the inner tyre and couldn’t find anything but something is causing these punctures.


Lanoraie to Trois Rivieres – Day 68 – 86 km

I got up late and it must have rained last night but I didn’t hear it. Although very cloudy it was still hot outside so I packed up and hit the road. I was expecting it to thunder or rain today but it didn’t instead it turned warm and at about midday the sun shone through making it very warm indeed.

I decided today to follow the route verte5 and go off and also see  Chemin Du Roy  in occasion places. It appears back in 1737 that the French government wished a road built to connect all the little settlements along the way. It is known in English as the Kings route and at one time the longest road known.

As I journeyed along the route the area is very green and mostly farm land with small villages and towns dotted along the way. The area is also quite flat and although I saw cows, they seem to like growing corn in the cob with fields and bins of the stuff

 Corn stored

The boats first thing on the St Lawrence

As you can see some of these towns have been here some time 

The village square as I passed through just after 9am although surprisingly the bar was open with lots of people in it?

This one was for sale tempting but no!

The town hall at St Barthélemy

Although a small town quite an impressive building

I would have liked to explore this place but how to carry anything on blackbetty and get it home

 The bridge and weir at Maskinonge

As I made my way to Trois  the road works started thank goodness it was Sunday and that my motel tonight is on the other side of Trois as I wouldn’t like to hit that in rush hour.

 Looking out to St Laurent 

Going across the, bridges to Trois Rivieres. Today was lovely day for cycling and as they say I was in the zone and loving every moment of my trip but I’m sure there maybe a sting in the tale of my journey somewhere coming up but till then I’ll enjoy these moments. At the end of the day I treated my self  to a beer with my cobbled together meal of chicken and salad and now feel quite light headed. If only I had another dam.

My only gripe of the day is what’s happened to my frosted ice bun in Timmys they never have them here in Quebec shame sort it Timmys please. To add insult to injury Amy my friend treated herself to one whilst waiting on her ferry to Newfoundland  and sent me a picture not on!!!  Well done Amy only 16 hours on the ferry then 130 km to go to St Johns and home to Victoria BC on Saturday. A big well done across Canada 

Montreal to Near  Lanoraie Day 67 – 104 km

As you can see I’m between  the above and  Bethierville in a motel over looking the St Lawrence. I was up early and had breakfast with Gavin and Elisa before we started out just after 8 am. Gavin had kindly offered to get me through Montreal which was brilliant. I know it has route verte but when we heading towards the Old Port we kept crossing the canal going left and right just as well as I would have had to stop and start. There was loads of people out cycling,jogging,walking ,yoga proving people do take care of themselves in all sorts of sports on and off the water very impressive.

They have a bike path separate from walkers and joggers so well thought out.

Some of the factories along the water front converted to loft living and apartments looked really nice on a beautiful morning for cycling. Gavin got me to Jaques Cartier Bridge then told me to follow route 5 and surprisingly no problems at all. 

I stopped for another cup of tea at Timmys and bumped into a American couple from Boston up also touring the area but no panniers as they  stay in local motel then ride out. They asked all about my trip and Liz  the lady actually comes from Dublin but lives in Boston for the last 25 yrs  she  was lovely so we said our goodbyes and I was off again.

I see what you mean Gavin not the prettiest route out a lot of dock area but I continued onto the bridge just before lunch.

The bridge that took me off the Island of Montreal. I was then stopped by 2 Canadian guys passing who also were crossing Canada but they only started in June but they did admit to very long days riding not for me over 200 km a day they also can confirm Amy that hwy 17 to Sudbury was the worse they have ever been on. They sped off hoping to reach home 2nd week in August in St John Newfoundland. I on the other hand went at a more sedate pace not wanting to arrive to early in Halifax. 

So along the road I went into pretty towns and villages plenty of places to stop and eat out here and typically French. As it warmed up yes very hot with the sun on me by early afternoon I needed to stop for refreshments so picked a road side cafe over looking the river that all the motor cyclists seemed to favour.

Sitting at my table yes wait for it ordered poutine it was ok but not sure I like the curds I know that may upset the locals but it’s just me.

For those in Britain it’s chips gravy and cheese curds yes curds not turds!!!!! But I’ve had it now may try again.

As I continued on in what was turning into a hot day was unable to find a motel until the 104 km so I dived in as I was hot sweaty and in need of a shower so here I sit another pleasant day cycling. Big thanks again goes to the Austin family who hosted me in Montreal see you all again in September.

I must confess my French isn’t all that good I know Chambre is room but I did earlier see this sign and went into a car park thinking it was a motel only to be confronted by elderly residents on the veranda of what I think was a old folks home  I beat a hasty retreat I’m to young I think for that. It did make me smile.

Onward I go towards Trois Rivieres tomorrow. 

Montreal still here Day 66

Yes still here having fun. Spent the day getting bike ready,shopping and then went along to Saint Anne Bellevue for the afternoon.

Whilst cycling along who should I meet coming into Montreal but Matheu from France that I met back in Hope at my first warm showers. He was heading into city to stay with his warm showers host and will be here till Sunday. It was nice seeing him again may see him again some time in the next few weeks he flys back from St. John on the 6 th Sept by then I will be on Hols with  Pete can’t wait. 

I sat this afternoon just watching the river go by and people watching  whilst eating my gelato two scoops pistachio and Nutella lovely if not a tad sickening but had to be done. Weather was nice after the rain cleared early this morning.

Had a lovely supper with Gavin and Elisa  and Charlotte out in the garden as it was quite warm but eventually had to move in as the bugs were out in force tonight.

Gavin had kindly offered to cycle with me a little of the way tomorrow at least to city so that will be nice. So once again guys that’s for a lovely stay you’ve been great.

 Views from the cafe

Views from Saint Anne

So hating to leave but refreshed and I’m coming back with Pete as we fly back from here so look forward to seeing Gavin  and Elisa again.

Montreal Day65 Rest Day looking around

My hosts Gavin and Elisa and their daughter Charlotte have been fantastic. Last night after a lovely meal we sat around chatting but I was dead on my feet last night and slept well and even had a lie in this morning. When Elisa and Charlotte came back from swimming  we all headed off into the city. They had kindly offered to show me around. We headed towards the city then parked and took the metro to near the race track. We then caught the bus to outside the Casino on the Ile Notre Dame just off the main Island. We were going for lunch at the casino but because of Charlotte age not allowed in. We walked round  part of the gardens and did the Grand Prix track you are allowed to cycle round which was great.
The casino very busy  and plenty of visitors going in to relieve themselves of their hard earn cash. Then onto the track.

Roller blades and walkers and cyclist on one side buses cars on the other side

Coming into the bend nice machine.

Then we were off for lunch in Old Montreal which is charming very French full of lots of super bistros and places to stop and stare and watch the local artists perform.

Our lunch stop

Charlottes sweet Elisa  and I had to help out and it was delicious

Then on to the square to watch a mad man juggle knives and standing on swords

He was very amusing. Then we walked the old part with shops and art galleries and other things to browse and see.

Very nice and colourful  but I didn’t try the poutine yet but will get around to it. It’s chips cheese curds and gravy and  other variations. Could be a heart attack waiting  but I’m sure it needs sampling.

The Formula1 shop  just for you Greg.

These sculptures are great so Charlotte stopped for a chatter.

Loft apartment living yes please

The Basilica 

Another funny art sculpture 

Montreals first high rise building of course now it’s dwarfed

On the way home Elisa was kind enough to drive out to her area of Verdun where she grew up and show me the Rapids at Lachine which were awesome 

They were just amazing and so easy to get right up close

On the way back to the car managed to get a photo before he flew off

All in all it was a wonderful day good company lovely food and a fantastic city thanks again to my hosts.

Saint Zotique to Montreal – Day 64 -47km

I got up later than normal as I knew today was going to be a short ride. After breakfast and a couple of cups of tea I finally packed up and was on the road after 0915am.

It was quite a nice day with a good tail wind and sunshine but not to hot or humid. I knew my direction were to follow the Soulanges Chanel where there is a lovely bike route. I found the route no problems and when I started to ride there is was busy with lots of cyclists going by calling out bonjour Madame so I got in on the act as well. Very friendly lot.  

First look at the Canal which is it used for any shipping but I did see the swimming club using it for open water swimming. 

Then I recorded the fact I have cycled 5,000 km so far  but  there abouts. As I stopped to take a photo a ice French guy stopped to enq if I was ok so I explained and told me well done but couldn’t get over I was by myself.

I love how all along the trail is picnic tables with bike stands next  to them,also the fact everyone was making use of them. As I entered the first island I went in for you usual and bumped into Paula and Dave  from yesterday who are also staying down town tonight they are American enroute to Cape Breton. So we sat and had a break together yes you’ve guest it at Timmys. 

My host Gavin’s instructions were spot on thanks Gavin. I was slightly early and sat in the garden till ELISA  and their daughter  Charlotte arrived home. I actually truth be known fell a sleep in the garden (it was hot  and to not much sleep last night)

My cycle in for the day coming onto the Island

I had a lovely meal with my hosts and tomorrow Elisa and Charlotte and I are going sight seeing down town. I’m going to be here till Saturday when Gavin will guide me out of town. So thanks guys for  helping see your city. Well must go and get some sleep as my eyes won’t stay open.

Morrisburg to Saint Zotique –  Day 63 – 97km Quebec Province

Bon soir peeps yes I’ve crossed finally into Quebec Province finally leaving Ontario it seems I’ve been  going across Ontario plus some of the states for ages.

Sunset last night from my bedroom window thanks to a lovely stay with Candy and Pete. I woke to rain then it cleared so off I went into quite a humid  day. I was motoring along then noticed the clouds getting darker and darker. I was 25 km out and thought I need some place to take shelter and then I saw a little porch near a sign explaining the route and tucked myself in and waited. At first I thought it was going to just pass over without anything happening lucky I stayed cos boy did it come down and then the thunder and lightning started as I sat down and read my book.

  A luck find just in time

Getting darker

Weird clouds then

But I was dry.

So I waited about 40 mins then even thou it was still raining I went  onwards and it was still very warm so I had to take my waterproof off as I was so hot then the rain stopped just before Cornwall thank goodness. The bike path was good and took me back down to the St Lawrence which was nice but I didnt find any place to stop for something to drink or eat.

The big boats coming up the St Lawrence

The dam at Cornwall which is quite impressive it provides power for both America and Canada power stations either side and caused villages to be relocated  down the area I have just traveled and is part of the St Lawrence seaway allowing the big ships up to Lake Ontario and Superior and the States .

The river certainly  has a strong current and you wouldn’t want to fall in.

Further on there is work under way re replacing the bridge at Cornwall to the USA  but they ran into problems last week when 2 tugs trying to put a crane in place one has sunk and the other is just above water. Luckily no one lost there life  in the accident but they are going to try and  recover them  but are worried re the fuel aboard the tug.

They are trying to put cables etc but I couldn’t stay long but whilst there a beaver ran across the path.

Part of the submerged tug the current is amazing

Where the old locks were.

More big boats coming through.

Buffalo in a field that I went passed where you could buy the meat. I then went on and as I was about to turn into the service rd towards Quebec province I saw my favourite Timmys so in I popped as it was now 2pm and I was parched. 

As I sat there  I was speaking to a couple of locals who stated there was a severe storm warning out. So I check my I pad and saw there was and the sky was turning a shade of dark blue again as the wind got up and so did the heat. I still had about 20 km to go but the lady offered to give me a ride to this location just into a new province so off I went. Thank god I took the ride cos it chucked it down as I was at the motel.

  The sky’s outside my motel before it chucked it down. I then hit the marche (Supermarkets) yes everything’s in French and everyone speaks it. Although the Chinese host at the motel had difficulty between French English and his own language but we got there in the end.
I also met 2 school teachers also cycling up from North Carolina going to Cape Breton but need to be back in the states by mid August. I left them in Timmys looking for a grocery shop then unsure where they were staying hopefully they didn’t get caught in the storm. So tomorrow Montreal with directions from my warmshowers host how to get there thanks Gavin see you tomorrow.

Brockville to Morrisburg  Day 62 – 60km

Well no thunderstorms appeared last night but was told they had some heavy showers further up and in from the river. Today is a welcomed cooler but still warm but with a breeze and not so sticky. I went back into town this morning and had a better look at the marina area. Believe the tall ships use to stop here. It was also the first place to build a railway tunnel in Canada strange but true fact.

Looking out from Brockville Marina

Just to prove I don’t make up things

I then cycled out of town stopping if there was something of interest to view and of course to watch the boats go up and down the St Lawrence river. Nice cycling although the hard shoulder is lost sometimes but not to bad and not to busy.

Does exactly what it says on the tin inside as I looked through as it was locked it had pews and a lovely glass window all nicely kept.

As I pulled into Prescott this morning for a break I sat outside  with my tea and who should whiz passed but Will so I shouted and he came back and we chatted. It’ seemed ages  since we first met and then camped at Maple Creek. He is now supporting a very bushy ginger beard and looking wildly  unkempt but he had been is usaul wild camping near the park in downtown Brockville last night and had a swim in the St Lawrence which he said wasn’t to clean compared to Lake Superior. He has been in Toronto partying for 8days oh to be able to do that and not feel rough the next day!!! I asked how the bike was holding up he stated fine but he had extra to carry now in the form of a Ukelele every cyclist needs one!!!! He’s a great guy his mum and dad will get a surprise at the end of this month as they still think he’s in Fiji! He shot off as he does as he was on a mission to get to Cornwall then Montreal on Tuesday happy cycling we said our goodbyes but lovely to catch up oh and I love his encounter with the bear coming to see him whilst he was in his tent scary I would have done more than cleared my throat and rustle my sleeping bag..
Another bridge to the USA.

Some of areas I passed through today

Perfectly nice house but look closer there is a moose in the garden painted blue beats  gnomes I suppose?

There you are quite a large beast.

Confirmed the scots are everywhere I saw the flag.

Just so nice to cycle through.

Tonight I’m using Airbnb for the first time and staying in Morrisburg with a lovely couple called Candy and Peter its B&B with a twist site gives you lots of options Mary Janr told me about it. The over looks the St Lawrence and I opted for a lovely meal outside but now the wind has gotten up maybe a chance of rain and thunder showers expected tomorrow lets hope it’s only tonight touch wood.

From my bedroom window the nice location is just off the waterfront trail so a bonus. So tomorrow how far I get will depend on the weather but I’m going to my warmshowers host on Wednesday.  Will I get to Cornwall or hopefully further on so less of a journey into Montreal on Wednesday as I’m sure I’ll have to allow time to get lost.

Kingston to Brockville via Howe Island Day61 – 95km

Well I set of after having a lovely breakfast with my hosts Mary Jane and Rob. Rob infact was also leaving on a trip but this time on his BMW heading to USA Lake Placid. Going my way for a bit then crossing on the bridge down the rd into USA. To say today was going to be warm was a understatement. Humidity was sitting at 90% and boy was it hot and sticky but the breeze helped a little especially down by the water.

I’m now heading up the pathway by the St Lawrence river called the 1000 island  pathway and I even have my own cycle lane marked out.  

Leaving Lake Ontario and going over the bridge at Kingston to follow the St Lawrence up to Montreal.

As I had been told by my host it was nice to ride on Howe Island so never one to pass up on a couple of ferry rides I was off down to catch my first ferry onto the island. There was one other car myself and the ferry man they asked about my trip etc so it was a good start to the day.

Crossing over short but sweet to busy talking to get more pics sorry folks

It’s a lovely little island with nice houses and nice views of the water way on the south side of the island. As I was cycling round a chap called Kim Nossal was out gardening and said your the lady cycling across the country you see news travels fast in small places he took the next photo and kindly sent it to me thanks Kim for your thoughtfulness.

Very hot and sticky by then and only half way round.

As I reach the other end to catch the ferry off it was the ferrymans 

mbreak so I sat and had my sandwich kindly made by Mary Jane  chicken salad on Rye lovely and watched the boats go by and look at the house next to the ferry.

The view across

I was then off and found the new cycle path all the way to my finally location

Not today thanks

The houses on various islands along the way I believe round here you definitely need a boat. Today also I saw more cyclist than I have all my time in Canada I was always greeted with thumbs up or a hello all day.

This one is rather posh it even had a bridge over

Then the next door neighbours are moonlighting again yes you Debbie and Derek even got a bay of your own now. I thought you’d retired Derek but a nice spot.


Then into Brockville. When someone stopped me to say there was a severe storm warning  out and the wind had got up  although still sunny so I pulled in at the only motel I could find as it was getting late and didn’t fancy being caught in a thunderstorm. 

You will be please to know it’s still hot and no thunderstorm as yet.

So tomorrow making my further up towards Montreal and a new Province Quebec

Kingston Rd -day 60

Well it’s such a nice area I thought I’d take a day sight seeing. So it rained heavily last night whilst I was safely tucked up in a lovely comfortable bed at my hosts house. This morning although warm I headed off into town with my jacket secured to my rack expecting showers. 

As is the way wall to wall  sunshine appeared and very hot and guess who forgot her sun cream so I’m slightly on the reddy brown side tonight. Where to start the place is fantastic plenty of history bars eateries to sit and people watch and a lovely farmers market in the  downtown area it was going to be a good day.

First you have to ride passed the state prison which is not in use now but dates back to 1800s. Mary Jane doesn’t know what they are going to do with the building which are all in limestone quite impressive, shame to pull it down.

Then  I rode down on the Cycle  paths towards the town area and the farmers market. The path way takes you down the side of the lake and passed the many boats moored up some small but some very expensive looking.
Everyone is always out of the water in some mode of transport.

This one sounded very noisy as it came into dock


This is a guy called Sir John Alexander Macdonald born in Scotland originally but became 1st prime minster of canada and lived all his life in Canada.

A loyalist to the end. He spent most of his life in this area

These towers are dotted all over as defences similar to our Martello towers these were built for defences all over the British Emprire.

 Farmers market down town with buskers and places to sit and eat and drink and watch the time go by.
The band playing in the background

This is down by the docks  looks pretty neat made me think of Casey Jones I use to watch as a kid. To all that can remember him!

In the afternoon as the town was built round Fort Henry thought I’d better take a look so off I went across the bridge and up a slight hill but lovely views but God was it hot.

View out to Lake Ontario  from Fort Henry

Kingston in the background at the bottom of the hill is the military camp their Sandhurst quite impressive all round so much to see and take in in one very hot day. I love the area it has a nice vibe. I didn’t get to take the ferry across to Wolfe island maybe next time!

So tomorrow I’m moving on towards Montreal. I think I know a route now so keep your fingers crossed and hope my French improves with usage.

Picton,Prince Edward to Kingston – Day 59 60km

Today I got up and saw that the wind had got up over night also there was a possibility that it might rain this afternoon, rain I don’t do rain!

I was packed up and on the road by 8am. Making my way towards the Glenora ferry yes nothing like starting the day with a ferry ride. As I made my way there I passed the smallest  bakery  but was feeling to great so didn’t stop but kinda cute.

I think also it was self service. The ferry was about 3 km from the motel and as I arrived on the slip way they were just boarding so nice timing and guess what it was free yes free!

Stiff cross wind

The road I’m taking to ferry and there after.

Just leaving on the ferry. 

View looking back from the ferry wonder who lives up there

Still in Ontario but in a couple of days crossing into Quebec another Province


Passing Amherst Island  

And the gap the ship made good it’s escape. It appears the area I’m travelling is called the loyalist trail and at the time Toronto was called York and Brockville called Elizabethtown and Kinston although was French original was now in hands of the Brits. So after American Revolution  people still loyal was repatriated from American to along this coast line. Hope this hasn’t bored to many of you but quite the history tour round here.

Plenty of these markers today all interesting.

Then it was onto Bath and  finally breakfast 2 at a lovely cafe called Rosas which was fantastic. Bath its self is quite quaint and I liked it sitting on Lake Ontario.

Note plenty of union jackets hanging on the poles here.

I met a lovely couple who stopped and asked me about my trip and they were up at their house on Amherst island I did think of popping across but needed to press on as still no rain but getting hot and sticky so needed to out run the rain. But took picture of old house 

Historic house over looking had lake

Rosas in the background after breakfast

Well worth a stop

Ah a long ways from home

I arrived at my hosts early afternoon and was welcomed by Rob and Mary Ann  who have just come back from there own tour from there place to Halifax going through American so they have good info staying till Sunday morning so I can go down town and see old parts of Kingston  and various other bits.

For those of you with figures I have now completed 4747 km or 2,949 miles and think I have another 2,000 km still to do. 

Well almost fast a sleep typing this good night folks that’s all

Belleville to Picton Prince Edward – day 58 60 km

Today was wall to wall sunshine not a cloud in the sky a slight breeze but warm from the beginning to a very hot at the end. What a day folks every cyclists dream blue sky’s a bit of a tail wind no particular dead lines or places  to get. 

I left Belleville first thing this morning going over the bridge to what is not a island as it is joined further back to the main land. I crossed at Norris Whitney bridge as the sun was coming up it was simply gorgeous so I had to stop and take photos as a boat was chugging out under the bridge. 

First thing then I spotted the boat so just stood and watched as it got under way.

I knew it was going to be a good day so when I got to the other side instead of doing the most direct route I just took to all the back roads and stopped and started. The area itself is known for its wineries. Also the rest is made up of holiday homes  for dare I say it very wealth. There is still a thriving farming area also with all their harvest stuff on sale plus bakers and independent cafes all about. 

Loads of cyclists to stop and chat to and get information more than I have seen on this tour. I stopped at Wellington which has its own bay looking out on Lake Ontatrio, Ameliasburgh then onto Bloomfield which was really nice a sort or Holt with a little more hippy influence. The bike shop was fantastic and sorted my kick stand which had come off this morning and to which I missed not having as you have to look for something to lean the bike on not always available when you stop.

Lunch was in Bloomfield at the bullfrog which was really nice then on to the bike shop who said I could stay there in their barn for the night but I had already pre booked a room here as was told it would be difficult to find accomidation in the area so had made arrangements already. So I’m about 3/4 km from the ferry ride tomorrow from Glenora. Yes Amy another ferry ride love it.

In the afternoon as it was so hot I had to stop at a micro brewery and sample but I couldn’t carry 6 bottles although he could draw a pint I thought better not after sampling what with the sun being hot and the ale about 4.5 % I would have never reached my motel.

The area I’m cycling today

Now don’t laugh but they leave these out overnight here  would they still be there in Britain?

Plenty of  sweet corn

Along the waterfront trail I’ve been following since Whitby and will follow till Cornwall I think

Sitting on someone’s roof great

Downtown Wellington along from Bloomfield

This is the library at Bloomfield

Favourite laid back bike shop even tried out a recumbent great service.

Well naturally has to be sample

Downtown Bloomfield

 Loved to have gone raking about in there but can’t carry anything so was going to be tempted



An electic mix I think

  The view along to my motel

  Ah roughing it tonight

  View from my balcony tomorrow heading for historic Kingston which I’m looking forward to. So another fantastic day with plenty to see and do and lots of nice things to eat and interesting people to speak to.


Cobourg to Belleville Day 57 – 75km

This morning  I got up but was not in the mood to move very fast, infact I didn’t wish to move at all just one of these mornings. Finally I was on the road and it turned out to be a really good day. First I went downtown to Cobourg and the marina area and it is a lovely town quaint and locals very friendly.

Downtown Cobourg first thing in the morning. 

The town Hall and surrounding area then it was on to the beach and Marina area.

Leaving the harbour

I hope the boat managed to get through what is a small entrance area to the marina then out to the open waters of Lake Ontatrio.

I stuck to County Road 2 today  and it was very nice even most of the way a cycle lane which was wide enough  for at least 2/3 bikes. I must admit by 10 am I was missing my second breakfast yes a girl who has developed  a  habit of having. 2 breakfasts since cycling. So as I reached Grafton I saw the cafe the twisted sisters so the name alone had me intrigued. Ordered a cuppa that was in a teapot so things were on the up. Breakfast done to perfection 2 eggs  bacon hash browns and brown toast with marmalade oh yes lovely jubbley.

The twisted Sisters cafe worth a visit and the price was good as well. Sat speaking to the locals so the day was going well. The weather was warm with a breeze  although a little bit of a head wind it was certainly better than yesterday thank goodness.

As I was leaving Grafton I spied these motor bikes  very nice I asked if I could trade blackbetty(only joking girl) the man just laughed and suggested the one on the end. I was more for the other ones.

What about these 2  but know look what he was offering I mean black Betty is worth more!!!!!!!!

No way!!!!

Onto Brighton see if it matches ours but, but I feel a tad small but perfectly formed. All along my route was lovely little towns and. So much to look at and shop if I had any room to carry just as well not. it’s also Apple country round here.

Brighton centre

Don’t know what upset it?

The road I travelled today which was great the only problem was the roadworks at Trenton but it was manageable.

The Marina at Trenton Bay of Quinte.

So all in all a lovely road travelled today  and nice weather a bikers dream. 

Oh a new animal sign but didn’t see any


Whitby to Cobourg Day 56 81km

Today it said there was going to be thunderstorms and very humid. I started off at about 9am from Campbell and Carols house thank you so much for putting me up even though you only moved in about a week ago.

About to start out again.

I had a route mapped out but of course  Google takes you down all sorts of path ways some good but some just run out leaving you very confuse do. It started to rain and I put my jacket on but almost melted  with the humidity so I took it off and guess what the rain stopped but it stayed muggy all day and very hot. I was dripping all day and couldn’t wait get in the showers the end of the day.

Bike path going through Oshawa very nice and even  marked

  Count the pylons unfortunately in Canada they can not put them under ground because if any faults. In winter impossible to dig them up is what I was told due to the weather.
At one point I got lost trying to find one of the trails then along came Terry on his bike he is just back from cycling Iceland. He told me to follow him, and then I got back on track following the lakeside trail and then the road all the way to Cobourg. The route took me along side Lake Ontario but not clear views due to the haze. Past the port of Newcastle and Port Britain and Port Hope.

Port Newcastle

Port Newcastle  Marina

The road out of Port Newcastle over looking the Lake

A very rickety wooden bridge over the railway line note the weird angle.

Lake Ontatrio 

Just love the shape  of some of these barns

I have Spoken to 2/3people who state if I get a chance go on prince Edward on the way through to Kingston and take the little ferry so now investigating if possible as the couple next room at the motel  tell me it has lovely pottery wines etc but quite expensive to get any place to stay so I will have to investigate( mind you the couple reminded me of Alan and his wife in Cornwall) Pete will know what I mean very loud and nothing they don’t know but bless they were trying to help.

I Unpacked my pannier tonight to find my chocolate milk had leaked so had to do a bit of cleaning  but nothing major but it doesn’t half stink.

So tomorrow it is going to be sunshine but hopefully without the humidity as that was a killer today.

Whitby Rest Day 55

Another rest day folks so not much to update. Today I slept in late which was unusual but must have needed it. Campbell was off to Ottawa first thing and Carol and family were waiting  for the hot tub man to come and service it. Fin then took Moria and her friend Francessca to the beach so even though it was extremely warm I went out on blackbetty to see Whitby and the surrounds.

First though I cleaned and polished my bike and oiled her so she’s happy now.

Down at the Marina at Whitby that sits on lake Ontatrio 

Nice boats Derek you’d love it and just a bamy 28 

After I got back from town Carol had been busy and made a lovely evening meal. Then at 9pm we all went down to the local  frozen yoghurt shop 

called Menchies where you help yourself to all the flavours topped with other sweet stuff and then we sat outside at 10 pm in a bamy 25 it was lovely I wasn’t expecting to have such hot weather. So once again a big thanks to the Corrigan family for making my stay such a pleasure and the chance to catch my breath from the last week or so. I now fully recharge and leave tomorrow.

This is what us girls went down for thanks Grace for driving us there

So back on the rd tomorrow heading east head for Montreal eventually.

Whitby Rest Day Day 54

Chilling with the Corrigan family and Holmes. Had to come in doors as it was roasting outside and Holmes waiting for a hair cut this week. Carol did my washing so I feel I’m a lot cleaner and probably smelling better. Carol took me down to the sports shop so I could get some new sports tops badly needed. The rest of the day has been nice just chilling. BBQ to night.

Primrose to Whitby – Day 53 – 54 km cycled plus some kind people

Hi all yesterday was a eventful day I set off from Primrose at about 8am and it was already hot. My aim was to use the smaller roads and wind down across country above Toronto. This was for obvious reasons.

1 the roads are getting really busy. 2 There is the Pan Am games in progress so didn’t want to touch Toronto.

I started the day turning off hwy 10 onto what Google suggested was a good rd, another Google laugh at my expense. First thing I took my camera out to take a photo of a lovely old building only to be chased by a barking Alsatian and his mate a golden lab so I hot tailed it out of there reaching for my bear spray and would not be afraid to use it!!! Then the road went into what can only be described as a gravelled dirt track not to mention the steep hills coming down trying not to apply brakes in case I came a cropper which would have hurt badly.

The scene of the dog incident then the road going to gravel bad sign

First I thought lovely countryside rolling in hills

Then the fun really started 15 km of that and I decided at the next junction Tarmac  I’ll go south on Hwy 18 another glaring mistake by me this time. Traffic was really busy but mainly going north to cottage country.

Then I saw this sign and knew what was coming a downhill reaching speeds of 53 kph help.

Tally Ho!

After that hill going down and the big hill up I went  the next I saw a local man collecting his paper from his post box and stopped to ask for a better route. Bruce invited me in to his house for some refreshments and I met his wife Sharon. Thanks guys a lovely sit on your deck refill my water bottles and then Bruce told me of the coming hill and said no problems what he would do was put the rack on his car and ferry me down to Hwy 9 fantastic off we went.

I reached Hwy 9 re assessed where I was going and not one to learn from my mistakes looked at Google who stated about 7 km up the rd had the Albion  trail so this was Tarmac (to begin with aren’t they all) then turned into gravel later on but by then I was committed. Met lots of Lycra clad males on the Tarmac out for Saturday spin. Then I met Drew who told me at Schonburg   there  a place to get a sandwich so I followed him but slowly as my bike is not built for speed maybe I need one like that Pete?

More gravel then into the village for eats

The place was amazing a bikers heaven with fabulous food yes I’m on about food again but can’t help myself.

It was there I met the amazing Darrell with his grandson Jacko and he was trying to explain a better route for me as Drew didn’t come from the area.

Next thing he gave me the car keys told me to see if my bike fitted in the rear of his daughter veh and he was going to take me across to a manageable bit. So I loaded the bike up we put Jacko in his seat and we we’re off. 

He kept going further over to avoid traffic what a star. When his daughter called asking where he was he said just driving and would be back shortly he said they thought him irresponsible sometimes he said they would call again and sure enough they did  with him replying I’ll be back shortly. He dropped me at a suitable place thanks again what a star and what friendly people.

 So I was in Ajax yes a town my mum use to clean the bath with it but there you go! This is one town over from where I needed to be so I headed for you’ve guessed it a favourite haunt yes Timmys. Contact my host Campbell as I didn’t have address and was a day or two early. He was currently at Ribfest down town Whitby so as I settled in and used free wifi to contact home . Carol his wife turned up shortly and we loaded blackbetty in the wagon and off we went. 

They have only been in their new house about a week and said no problems staying thanks guys. These are friends of my brother Jim and I have never ever met them before. So once I was settled in the basement and showered off we went to Ribfest which is held every year a sort of fair and various big cook places cooking up ribs where members of the public vote whose is the best also country bands playing and off course the beer and wine tents. So we met up with Campbell and the girls. So after we came home we all went out for dinner then after that I was shattered and went to bed as did the rest of the family a fantastic end to what turned out to be a good day.

Meet Holmes the family dog apparently loves eating socks

Having a snooze its to warm outside reading a 100 on the patio so retreated indoors. Thank god for air con.

Chatsworth to Primrose Day 52 – 82 km

Today I woke to bright sunshine and it promised to be another warm one on the road. I thought I’d try off road today and go down one of the trails to try and beat the traffic on Hwy 10. The first 25 km were rideable but then it was so bumpy that I thought I might break the bike ok if your on a mountain bike with shocks on the front.

Not to bad at first then  I pasted a clearing with swans on the water.

Nice picture first thing on the ride.

I then went back on the road and stopped to have yes you’ve guessed my second breakfast at Markdale. This was at about 25 Kim’s which was good. I decided to stay on the  Hwy 10 even thou there was road works coming up. As most of the traffic was going north bound to holiday cottages up on the peninsula being that it’s holiday season and weekend plus the opening of the Pan Am games are taking place in Toronto tonight  so everyone  is escaping. 

I don’t mind roadworks as sometimes it can work in your favour today it did. In case your wondering how  it works?  you stand with bike waiting for the controller to give you the go sign usually they state they will let you go first to give a head start. The girl did that and told the cars behind not to overtake me jobs a good one I poodle along at 25 km  possibly annoying the people behind but I have not got a care in the world. Everyone sitting the other way we’re getting annoyed as the traffic backed up over a few km not caused by me I add. This also helps as they when they start going through I have no traffic behind me. 

Fancy riding around in that one

I got to Shelburne looking for my motel to no avail bloody Google again silly me Shelburne Motel has moved to Primrose further along. This all happened around 1630hrs when the roads were very busy. When I arrived and told the lady she said yes we know it’s sited us in the wrong area!!!!!!!!! 

My home for the night.

There is a garage next door and Stevens Restaurant which I had a lovely chicken salad see  don’t eat rubbish all the time even thou on offer was a sub or 2 hamburger joints. I went in one to get milk for my cereal and was asked white or brown. I always thought when buying milk it was white but there you go. 

Also on sale at the garage was Dew worms maybe it makes your car go faster who knows.
Well not much else to report hopefully I’ll be in Whitby  the other side of  Toronto by Sunday just trying to skirt round the edges. 

Ferndale to Chatsworth Day 51 – 87 km

Today started well but felt I had not cured the blackbetty of the noise she was making and on closer investigation found the bottom bracket was loose again. So plan B I made down the Hwy 6 to Wiarton but there was no bike shop. When in doubt a plan is always formulated with a cuppa so I looked down the street and there was Timmys. In for breakfast and use of the Internet and a plan came together. 

Make for Owen Sound and there is Bikeface a cycle shop only 20 km or so. So I made a route going away from hwy 6 and going down the back roads which was really nice and almost traffic free.

This mornings audience going about their business

Wiarton international airport I thinks that is pushing things a bit as I didn’t even see a strip for taking off and landing which would be helpful.

Views on the country rd leading out of Wiarton.

Passing through the country roads on my way to Owen Sound

See not busy


  A monument to the lady who did first WI meeting at Kemble really nice all laid out on the stone over looking the bay nice place to stop for the views.

Looking out over Owen Sound.

I cycled passed places  such as Balmy beach,Cobble Beach all leading  me into town and the bike shop. I arrived and the owners stepdaughter was the mechanic and was really busy. That being said she had a look and sure enough put black Betty on the stand tightened her up checked my gears and other stuff and even applied the new handle bar tape I bought. Fantastic service for someone just passing through but they aimed to help due to my journey so big thanks guys. As I left time was getting on so I aimed to get further down the road before calling it a day.

All roads out of Owen appear to be up some large hills I took the least largest if possible. On the way up the hill I walked with johanna a lovely lady who was asking about my trip. So hope you follow the blog.

I stopped outside Chatsworth to speak to a fellow tourer who was cycling up to Tobermory from Toronto. She stated she tried a campsite last night and they wanted to charge her 53$ plus taxes in the end she camped in some farmers garden for free quite right to.

I on the other hand arrived at Chatsworth booked into a motel, a cheap one that sadly had a swimming pool I just had to use to end my nice day. Before I swam I spoke to the owners son and got licked to death by Jackson a cross boxer and St Bernard’s dog? As I swam Jackson always greeted me at the other end with a bark or a lick and didn’t like me putting my head underwater as he must have thought I was drowning and started to bark. All in all nice weather and a lovely end to my day.  

To all who wonder what do I think about all day on my bike. Here goes, when am I going to stop for my second breakfast and is it going to involve a cup of tea or maybe a cinnamon bun frosted of course. Looking at things all around. Where am I going to stay tonight and more what am I going to eat. Very simple pleasures  not to taxing and stressful and my favourite time is when I’m just settle in and showered and get to speak to hubby or the rest of my family. 

Manitowaning to Ferndale – Day 50 -80km

As I fell asleep really early last night I woke up really early and thought I’d go for the 9am ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. So off down the road just before 7am and 32 km to do. There was hardly a sole on the roads and I made good time and arrived with time in hand and a chance to speak to a fellow rider who has ridden from Calgary and going to Montreal but he is putting in the mileage so we just chatted but no hope of me wanting to go that fast. The wonderful thing about catching the ferry is bikes go on first and also come off first what a bonus and no traffic issues. It was a perfect day for sailing calm and the sun shining, spent all the time on deck in a lovely comfortable sun chair for a hour and forty five Mins.

My ferry coming into the dock

Then leaving in a quick turn round and off down Lake Huron

South Baymouth as we leave the harbour

As I was travelling to the ferry I noticed my back tyre spongey again so I pumped her up at the garage and she got me to my motel tonight where I have taken the tyre completely off checked the rim and put a new inner tube in if that doesn’t work a new tyre at Owen Sound maybe require do. I also noticed as I came into Ferndale a annoying little squeak so I cleaned blackbetty and oiled and lovely gave her a pep talk so hopefully she’ll be right touch wood. As I’m now heading for Whitby in a few days near Toronto she may need a tune up we will have to see. I have some what been neglecting her as she is really good but it is over 4,000 km now and all I have had done is a new chain and a quick check over in Fernie in BC.

The lighthouse as you turn into Tobermory and some of the islands  near by.

The other day on my way done from Whitefish Falls a couple in a VW camper pulled up across the other side of the rd and took a photo of me I just wave. Today I met them on the ferry and he got some more as I was about to disembark at the time I was trying to get pictures of some of the motorbikes the women were on so he kindly took one of me on my camera( I hate my photo being taken just for the record). As you can see it was another bad hair day but I can live with it now.

The boat lurched just as it was taken I thought my bike was going to topple on very expensive  m/cycles.

Like this one just next to blackbetty that person bending over is infact a women they drive big machines this side of the pond.

So off the ferry at Tobermory which was a lovely little place and I wanted to stop as I needed my second breakfast. I found just the spot and could sit outside and made the perfect cuppa done.

Great pies and butter tarts they could change my mind over frosted cinnamon well maybe not? I  made another 50km  but before then it was hot and I needed yes you guessed something else to eat so into a organic bakery in someone’s back garden and pasties to die for I couldn’t resist will power and me do not happen in the same sentence. This side of the lakes there is going to be temptations!!!!!

Sitting in the organic garden very hippy like but enjoyable. Then a few km more and got a room in a motel so I could work on the bike. All done now  so a happy bunny as they say. Oh happy birthday Pete sorry not there with you and happy birthday Mo as it is also hers hope you both had good days hope to celebrate with you when I see you.

Whitefish Fall to Manitowaning Day 49 – 69 km

Last night the wind and rain came in loudly,I hoped that it would blow through by early morning but was wrong. As I woke it got harder and after breakfast decided to stay put as forcast stated  it was to stop about lunch time.

However that didn’t happen  and eventually I took the plunge and left Dave  and pushed on through the rain till about Little Current. There it stopped but the sun refused to come out leaving it quite damp and overcast but not cold.

The swing  bridge over to Minitoulin Island. Stopped at Little Current and had a drink and a little light lunch.

This is known by locals as 10 mile hill although it is not actually 10miles but at the end of the day we not what I wanted but managed to do


This is a view  from the view point.



 Apart from a few pics the rd has good shoulder  and is a lot nicer than Hwy 17. 
I’m now about 30  km out for the ferry to Tobermory. I. Slowly making my way south. Hopefully tomorrow the sun is forecast to come out and play. So tonight early night and push  south to above Toronto. Hopefully I will get a nice closing.

Massey to Whitefish Falls Day 48 – 50 km

Last night I slept so well and woke refreshed. Ann woke me on the way out to work and I was packed up and ready to roll at about 0730am to avoid the heat later on in the day. I locked up and left the house and throughly enjoyed my unexpected  stay  at Ann and Paul’s  but it was certainly worth it they were fantastic hosts so big thanks again guys.

Off down the back road of Lee Valley rd  which would take me into Espanola without going on the dreaded Hwy 17 which I’m now officially finished with. I came into town about  25 km down the rd and spied on the corner Tim Hortons so second breakfast was required and a cuppa  then plenty to drink as although sun was not  coming through it was very hot and humid. I also bought some more  sun cream factor 60 after my shoulders got nicely red yesterday as I tried to get rid of the t shirt line on my arms.

After having my second breakfast it was down the road to my warmshowers hosts Dave and Sheila at Whitefish Falls. The road is windy and is a bit up and down but nice a few steep hills but nothing now that throws me in a spin. The shoulder was fab a lot of it  and no rumble strip hoorah!!!!!!

First thing this morning going across the bridge to Lee Valley Rd.

The ups and downs of the road but nice wide shoulders and not to steep

Spoke to soon but a nice ride in

In the dips at the sides of the road

Dave had seen me on the rd as he had come back from Esponola this morning as was there to greet me at the turn off to Red Deer. This is home for the night and what a lovely place over looking Lake Huron and Bay of Islands.

My gazebo for the night all foods taken to the house invade yogi comes a calling.

Views from the garden

Then I went for a swim/wash even had soap and shampoo on the lake side I like a bathroom or tub with a view

Sorry no shower curtain to draw but very nice temperature and wash was had. 

The evening was rounded off with a beer and BBQ 

Oh before that Dave and Sheila took me out in there boat for a spin round the lake and to see the WhiteFish falls sorry my camera was in charge. So another breathtaking day had and super hosts to show me around.

Iron Bridge to Massey – 97 km- Day 47

Today I was slow starting and I wasn’t packed up and ready to hit the road till after 8am. It was a lovely day started off cool but in no time was very very warm so much so I changed shirt to a sleeveless one. 

I stopped 25 km at Blind River at my usual haunt good old Timmys and treated my self to my second breakfast. I also decided because of the meal deal to change and have a orange and carrot muffin instead. Could be in the running for second favourite but not quite there with my cinnamon frosted roll. I was speaking to another cyclist who use to live in Toronto and he gave me a few pointers to which route to taken from Owen Sound.
On leaving Timmys a guy came up and was asking about my trip Paul and his wife are actually from Massey and have just done a 3 week tour around the Lake with their trailer. On hearing I was making for Massey tonight offered to let me stay at theirs and gave me their address and would see me after 1500hours. What kind people to be returning home with the usual washing etc to put me up for the night and feed me a lovely BBQ. I arrived at Massey but cars were queuing on the rd for a about a mile out of town due to the road works on the bridge in town. I quickly nipped down the side and turned off when hit town( I knew there would be advantages on biking).
They are a bilingual family inter acting in both French and English which puts my language skills to shame. Ann as she works in early learning on the Indian reservation also speaks a little native Indian which was interesting to listen to as it resembles no other language I’ve heard. They have a lovely house which over looks the Spanish River to which I will cross tomorrow on my way to Esponola on the way to the Island. Ann showed me the fish She managed to landed from outside her house so for you Josh its a Muskie 54 inches long and weighed 43 lb and took her about 30 mins or so to battle it to shore.
Today my animal count was one raccoon first thing this morning crossing over the road near to Iron Bridge but move to fast to get pics of theses animals, 2 Sandhill cranes taking flight and what a noise they make( I now know what you mean Randy). A few soaring Eagles, a mother and fawn. So quite a good day but no  bears.


Along the the river after Iron Bridge 

Further along it was so tranquil and hardly any traffic on the road who could ask for more.

Da do they think if I see Yogi or his mates I’m going to hold out some food don’t think so?


Like this addres


The Serpent River from both sides of the bridge


Ann and Paul’s house beautiful setting over looking the Spanish River


View from their pontoon

This is where Ann landed her fish

Some size 

  Their 2 dogs  I could easily kidnapped Chico the grey one which reminded me of Pip my dog.

On the decking I think he wants to go down for a swim

So again folks I cannot find words regards how friendly and helpful people have been on this journey it restores your faith again in human nature or was I just becoming to cynical with the job I do.

sauté St Marie to Iron Bridge – Day 46- 109km

Well after a good breakfast made by Mary Ann I was packed up and ready to hit the road. Mary Ann said she would ride with me through the Indian Reservation  to Echo Bay some 25 km so that was nice and we moved quite quickly despite the lingering fog this morning. After saying goodbye to my host thanks again guys hope you have a speed recovery David. Mary Ann before hand took some pictures of the statue of the guy who designed what is on the Candian Dollar which is called a loony as of the bird depicted on the coin.


 My hosts in the Soo as I packed up


The loony 

I was on my way back to the dreaded Hwy 17!!!!

The road wasn’t to bad although it kept losing the hard shoulder or putting a rumble strip when I wanted to cycle.

New signs now greeted me I think it’s telling me there is horse drawn carriages  driven by the Armish people.

Armish man working in the field I didn’t feel right getting up close and taking photos of his family and horse and black rig

Onwards I went I seemed to be on form to day as at about 1130 I stopped to have my lunch I’d made at Mary Ann’s. having compiled 50 km. I sat out of the sun as it was getting hot and humidity up at about 80% . My stop was at Bruce’s Mines Marina which was nice with a bit of a breeze.

The marina Bruce Mines

The road just travelled

On the road today I saw 3 other tourers all going in the opposite direct to me but we did the wave and rang bells, I think we are all mad.

Eventually Lake Huron came into view in the  distance.

But I think they call this bit the North Channel. Other than this not a lot happened on the road although I did see a few birds of prey soaring and one perched on a stump flapping their wings but I was going down hill and didn’t like to stop, as I had just climbed and was enjoying getting up speed. So arrived at about 1530hrs having completed 109 km which I was happy with.

Oh happy 4 th of July to my American Friends hope you have a good one.

Seney to Sauté St Marie 84 miles- Day 45

Today was one-off those days as I was loading my bike I noticed the back tyre was spongey so decided to put in a new inner tube before starting. As I stood there I was attacked Mosqituos so went back into my room to complete the task. Then I was off as the motel owner then told me everything further up the rd was booked up as this was goingto be a very busy weekend so I needed a cunning plan. So 20 miles outi stuck my thumb out sorry needs must folks. 

With one flick  of my thumb I had a ride with Miles and Janet who have a cabin up there and we’re just out for a jaunt. They could take me as far as Newberry so that was fine. As the morning went on we got talking he asked if I  had visited nearby falls no I replied so off we went sight seeing and then they took me all the way  to the bridge into Canada. What lovely people I meet. 

So even thou I checked down town they said I could cycle across the bridge so off I went. Bloody hell when I entered the slip rd  the sign read no bikes but I had committed. I walked across to the toll and asked the girl there said yeah you can cycle but wait a minute I need money first( I wasn’t trying not to pay so handed over 2$ and off I went. Scared witless the height of the bridge and a little wind but I didn’t look down and there is no walk way to stop and sight see.

Across through customs and back into Canada sorry I missed Canada Day. Straight to tourist info  picked up another map used the free internet and was stopped by several people asking about my trip. I found my bearings and headed for the Velorution Bike shop where I needed a pair of new shorts that were more comfortable and also you can camp behind  the shop for free. Pity no one else has turned up yet  maybe someone will later. You get free wifi and the use of a shower room after they have gone home from the bike shop.

I have a warmshowers  host booked for tomorrow and have sent her a e mail as no phone listed as yet she has not gotten back to me hoping to bring it forward by a day. I  have also frequented  Timmys for a nice cuppa and frosted cinnamon bun I’ve missed that at the end of day.

Here are some of my pics from my sightseeing tour of the falls today. Don’t judge me for taking a lift needs must. 

 With Janet my host for the day



Harvey to Seney Day 44 – 77miles

First Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends hope it’s a good one.

Well was out and ready to hit the road at 0730am as I knew it would be a long one. It was sunny but on the cool side which is good for cycling. I hugged the Lake side for quite a bit of the day.

Lake Superior  first thing this morning

Looking back at Marquette

Then I entered the national forest area but still near the lake climbing  up a few hills but nothing to bad.
These I passed on the side of the rd not quite sure what they were at first I thought storks or heron but I think to big. Now updated that they are indeed Sandhill  Cranes  thanks Randy

Stopped for a bit of a rest and more eats mid morning. Nice view of the lake

Then a climb up and a fast descent into Christmas yes that the name it did make me smile.

Hoo hoo

Downtown at Christmas Mall lots of junk  but nice.

Ah Santa is alive and well!!!!

Here is his work shop 

This place is just great can you imagine in the depth of winter and everyone buzzing around on snow mobiles

I then had a couple of hills then dropped into Munising which was alovely little town on the Lake and as I arrive I smelt a bakery from afar making pasties so as they were queuing out the door felt I couldn’t miss out.


Delicious is the only word especially when you are starving. The only problem is after eating this I had one more hill to hit so it was rough going on a full stomach. After lunch I knew I had 25 miles of nothing only me and the forest no stops. It was hard going at the end of the day as I also had a head wind which didn’t help but head down and on I kept going and eventually arrived at my destination not much but a garage a motel and a few houses but I made it. 

For those of you interested my total mileage so far is 2,342 miles or 3,769 km so hopefully I maybe half way or more now. Im so surprised when I look at how far I have travelled and quite surprised by myself in getting thus far but thanks go to lots of lovely people who have helped  out along the way.  A big thanks to the support of my family who cheer me up at the end of some gruelling days and have the confidence in me to succeed. To all the people that follow my blog thanks guys it’s much appreciated and love having you on board listening to my rants and funnies sometimes I hope. So e mail me with any questions or funnies as love hearing from you.