About me

Hi My name is Liz Brenchley I’m in my fifties and decided about 3 years ago I’d like to set myself a challenge. So as I like cycling and travelling I thought why not combine the two. I have come up with the idea of taking a summer out and cycling across Canada on my bike. This will be a solo effort my bike and all that I can carry in my panniers.

After all my planning 2015 has finally arrived and I’m beginning to think what was I thinking when I set myself this challenge. There is still lots of things still to get ready but slowly ticking off my to do list.

I’m  spending most of my days off  up at the gym or out on my bike depending on the winter weather. Also trying to get all my paper work in order and finally getting my trusty bike(black Betty) in full working order  so  she is booked in for a full service before being packed away for the flight.

My flight is now booked for the 15 th May and hostel booked in Vancouver for 3 nights. My official day one will be 18th May all going well.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Liz I found you!. I bet now you have finished work your forthcoming adventure is suddenly becomng very real. Bon Vovage and Looking forward to your blog. Sandyx

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