Fredricton Still here – Day 81

Well as you can see still here. Decided to stay another day and check out the town. Because I’m on the road going out of town and the one I’ll take tomorrow I biked into town over the cycle bridge which didn’t take long and I was heading first to the famous farmers market on a Saturday. It didn’t disappoint just a pity I couldn’t carry all the stuff I wanted. The place was packed inside and out with loads of  foods from all over the county and the smells all very tempting. I started with freshly squeezed orange and then just immersed myself looking at cakes,breads, art and wood work all by local people.

I must admit I did give way to a freshly made lobster  bun from local fisherman Mike and it was delicious. I’m writing this thinking all I do is eat well I’m making up for not eating yesterday. I then bought myself a home made small apple pie for tomorrow but have had a bit tonight well  saves carrying!!!

It was then off to explore the barracks and old part down by the river. 

Says city hall on the front  but not sure if it’s a hotel now. Later on  I saw  2 lads dressed as soldiers in red tunics standing either side of the steps as I cycled past.

The old barrack quarters for the men now on the bottom is artisans  gift shops

Was. The old garrison now New Brunswick hall of fame.

Officers square and where there is free music and concerts the buildings are still impressive. This was a British garrison  originally and they sent people down to Kingston where I also visited and I can’t imagine that journey in the snow and all the water and forest that had to be crossed makes you think.

This is lighthouse on the green which is a cafe so I tied up blackbetty as it was lunchtime went up for a look. Also to get out of the sun as I have sunburn on my left arm from yesterday.  I sat under a parasol and before I knew it I was sipping the local summer  wheat beer whilst eating  a lovely burger grilled by the chef outside on the patio and watching the world go by a perfect Saturday I think.

View from the lighthouse

This is the bridge for walkers and cyclists only, which is good keeps us safe. Although to day twice I saw cars and cyclists shouting at one another quite amusing  but everyone should chill  I certainly was by mid afternoon!!!!!

So I’m moving on tomorrow  towards the coast but will not reach there for a couple of days. Tomorrow nights stop is beside a lake, I’ll update more on that tomorrow if I have Internet.


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