Florenceville to south of Woodstock Day 79  – 53 Km 

Short day but sure I will feel better for it. Was late up compared to normal as I knew today I was going to do a short stage. So breakfast was at the motel as part of the deal then I was on the road by just after nine. It was perfect Hwy 105 ran beside the river and rd surface appeared not to bad in town a bit bumpy when going out into the countryside.

First thing my view of the river which was nice.

My first stop of the day was in the next village along Hartland which has the longest covered bridge so was interest to stop there but before that I had a quick pop into yes you guessed Timmys for mid morning cuppa and to check the route as Internet was rubbish again but always works at Timmys funny that!

First view of the covered bridge

It’s a pretty little village and lots of people stopping to walk the bridge

I then pushed  on as I came out of Hartland I was reminded on what several blogs had said about a steep hill and going onto the trail to the side. As it rained yesterday and I’d been told you dont make much time going on the trail I stayed on the road. Yes it was steep in places and I was expecting this so what with yesterday’s up and downs that’s why at Timmys I had already selected where I was staying tonight and actually book it.
The first climb of the day then it was a bit of a roller coaster along the river. When I did stop I was bombarded by black flys but I did manage to clock several 50 kph going down the other sides. I saw a beautiful Eagle soaring just above at the top of the hill but when I stopped to focus the camera hoarders of flys started on me so I could  take anything just got on my bike and pedalled hard to get away which was a shame.

This is the scenic route sign but I prefer to call it follow the snail as that’s what I was like sometimes but I getting my hill legs back again after all the flat stuff of late.

At Woodstock I crossed the bridge to the other side of the St John River not sure how many times I’ve crossed it in the last couple of days but it breaks the journey up a bit. 

Woodstock is recorded as New Brunswick first town and seemed really nice as I went through and picked up Hwy 165. Again this ran along the other side of the river from this morning.

But I must confess after the climbing before Woodstock when  I crossed the bridge I treated myself to a delicious ice cream.

Boy it was really nice and just what I needed after the hills.

It wasn’t far south of Woodstock before my motel came into view unlike yesterday this one was open and very friendly even serving food tonight which I have decided to sample. 

Room with a view of the river can’t be bad and a early finish to day. Tomorrow I push on to the capital of New Brunswick which is Fredericton there I’m staying for 2 nights.


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