Quebec to Montmagny – Day 72 – 60 km

After a busy day sightseeing I thought I’d get a good nights sleep how wrong. It was just to hot my fellow roomies from the south of France were great we tried windows open doors open and leaving the curtains open to let the air come through. It was still a hot sticky night but managed some sleep even thou I could hear people and cars in the street below. I woke and looked at my I pad I’m sure it said 6.20am I waited and thought I’d get up early shower and have breakfast and be on my way. Wrong read the clock wrong I was hour early so by 6.50 I was waiting for breakfast to open up.

I was on the the road and caught the ferry just after 0830am and in some ways missed the heat of the day later on. 

Leaving Quebec crossing to Levis  with all the commuters but not to busy. Speaking to fellow bikers and as usual the two question most asked  was by yourself, and how many flat tyres.

The hills just outside Quebec City

The waterfall from the other side of the water

More views as I left Levis going slightly up hill on the cycle path stretched the legs. But I must admit was feeling rather tired today but pushed on.

Look my own little cycle path walkers on the far left and we even have roundabouts neat. Everyone  is very friendly and bonjour Madame was the order of the day, with a few coming up from behind me seeing my sign and shouting Bon voyage.

Along the St Lawrence  I went.

I stopped at a little village at a grocery store and picked something out for my meal to night and baguette for lunch day sorted.

My grocery shop lovely little village and friendly shop. Saint Michel de Bellehassle.

Yes in someone’s garden beats  gnomes!

Also these I just had to stop and take photos

 Lunch stop today where I stopped.

Then it got very hot and sticky  today and I knew we maybe in for rain later. My host at Montreal had given me a name of a motel called Motel Wig Wam so as I came into town I thought I’d have a early mark and catch up on sleep. The weather then turned cloudy  then got hotter as I went out for milk was a bamy 31 but as suspected it’s now raining glad I took the decision to stop.

A rainy night but warm.


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