Montmagny  to St Andre Day 73 – 110 km

had a lovely sleep in My chic motel last night. 3 wetabix breakfast and I was full of energy for the day ahead. As I left the hotel I was also blessed with the wonderful tail wind pushing me on and it felt great 20 km just flashed by.  The country side and the views of the river were great. I started seeing hills in the distance my side so know some time soon I’ll be venturing in land after Rivieres du loup which is where I’m heading for Saturday and Sunday. 


Crossing the river leaving my motel 


Pictures of the St Lawrence and at this rate I thought I’d make it to Rivieres Du Loup today but the gods had other plans. I like stopping to read the history of the place and points of interest normally but for some unknown reason in Quebec Province they do not have translation like other states into English . A bit one sided to a tourist who just wanted info. I then went into tourist info centre in one town but she could only tell me about that place so not very helpful. So come on Quebec you need to help tourist out here with  signage.

 At lunch time I stopped at Timmys to check if the hostel had room for me but they were full so that  changed my plans. Booked in there tomorrow for 2 nights thou. As I left Timmys the sky turned very dark and I was heading into it dam.

So I took shelter in the only thing I could find

I waited it out but as usual it passed and I stayed dry and most important warm with the sun coming out. Yes I’m jammy but that’s the breaks

Another village with a pretty river running through it

I would have loved to explore in there hidden gems abound

Coming into kamouraska a pretty town on the river front but unfortunately no room at the inn so on I went to  St Andre here , where in my best French managed to secure a room and a lovely meal for the night. As luck would have it another pair of cyclists have just rolled in so going to have a  drink with them.

Any port in a storm  I like it


2 thoughts on “Montmagny  to St Andre Day 73 – 110 km

  1. Wow looks fabulous. Looks like you are on a roll. Missed you last night on our very busy night shift. Bet you didn’t miss it. You will have some great memories for when you get back. Take care. Teresa x


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