Quebec Rest Day -Day 71 Scorching

Last night after a few  drinks I managed to climb into my top bunk before my fellow roomies arrived home. To say the room was like a sauna is putting it mildly but I fell a sleep due to my few drinks only to be woken by my roomies crashing about. After that due to the heat it was off and on sleep and I was up early for breakfast and to get some cool air a fan doesn’t do it no air conditioning here. My roomies leave today so I’ve shifted to bottom bunk before my new roomies move in today.

I was at the tourist info by 9am and booked a double whammy bus then boat trip to see the waterfall up the river. I thought due to the heat I wasn’t going to cycle and if I walked about I would be equally shattered. So a good choice as it happens and got a quick glimpse of everything so Pete and I can come back.

This is actually part of the railway station would you believe 

This sits on top of one of the churches St  Roch Saint of animals. It was just next to the Mec which I resisted going into (great outdoor shop)

Pretty good art work under the motorway looked really cool

The iconic chateau now a hotel with over 600 rooms bit pricey I’m just down the road in dossers paradise!!!! I know my place

The grain silos on the harbour massive.

This is the street where all local artists and tourist go to buy stuff nice  with lots of cafes at the bottom a bit like St Micheals Mount near St Malo. To say there is all sorts of shopping to be done in Quebec is a understatement  but on a bike trip it makes no sense to buy anything you have to carry.
It can be reached by going down the funicular 

As you can see the hotel at the top and cafes etc at the bottom  on a lovely very hot summers day nothing better.
  Cartier St I think it has great art lampshades up and down

My ferry that will transport me across the river tomorrow to Levis

Going up the river you can see the hills where they go skiing in the winter 

Montmorency Falls higher than Niagra Falls I’m told and can be climbed in the winter when they freeze

The smaller one at the side. Still impressive so worth a return visit Pete 

To some up Quebec it has a vibe of a European City  very French  plenty of places to eat and sit people watching.

So it’s a early night and try not to wake my room trying to get all my bags downstairs tomorrow.


One thought on “Quebec Rest Day -Day 71 Scorching

  1. Lovely waterfall Liz! You’ll have to tell Pete to bring an empty suitcase with him for all that shopping you’re going back for!!


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