Ferndale to Chatsworth Day 51 – 87 km

Today started well but felt I had not cured the blackbetty of the noise she was making and on closer investigation found the bottom bracket was loose again. So plan B I made down the Hwy 6 to Wiarton but there was no bike shop. When in doubt a plan is always formulated with a cuppa so I looked down the street and there was Timmys. In for breakfast and use of the Internet and a plan came together. 

Make for Owen Sound and there is Bikeface a cycle shop only 20 km or so. So I made a route going away from hwy 6 and going down the back roads which was really nice and almost traffic free.

This mornings audience going about their business

Wiarton international airport I thinks that is pushing things a bit as I didn’t even see a strip for taking off and landing which would be helpful.

Views on the country rd leading out of Wiarton.

Passing through the country roads on my way to Owen Sound

See not busy


  A monument to the lady who did first WI meeting at Kemble really nice all laid out on the stone over looking the bay nice place to stop for the views.

Looking out over Owen Sound.

I cycled passed places  such as Balmy beach,Cobble Beach all leading  me into town and the bike shop. I arrived and the owners stepdaughter was the mechanic and was really busy. That being said she had a look and sure enough put black Betty on the stand tightened her up checked my gears and other stuff and even applied the new handle bar tape I bought. Fantastic service for someone just passing through but they aimed to help due to my journey so big thanks guys. As I left time was getting on so I aimed to get further down the road before calling it a day.

All roads out of Owen appear to be up some large hills I took the least largest if possible. On the way up the hill I walked with johanna a lovely lady who was asking about my trip. So hope you follow the blog.

I stopped outside Chatsworth to speak to a fellow tourer who was cycling up to Tobermory from Toronto. She stated she tried a campsite last night and they wanted to charge her 53$ plus taxes in the end she camped in some farmers garden for free quite right to.

I on the other hand arrived at Chatsworth booked into a motel, a cheap one that sadly had a swimming pool I just had to use to end my nice day. Before I swam I spoke to the owners son and got licked to death by Jackson a cross boxer and St Bernard’s dog? As I swam Jackson always greeted me at the other end with a bark or a lick and didn’t like me putting my head underwater as he must have thought I was drowning and started to bark. All in all nice weather and a lovely end to my day.  

To all who wonder what do I think about all day on my bike. Here goes, when am I going to stop for my second breakfast and is it going to involve a cup of tea or maybe a cinnamon bun frosted of course. Looking at things all around. Where am I going to stay tonight and more what am I going to eat. Very simple pleasures  not to taxing and stressful and my favourite time is when I’m just settle in and showered and get to speak to hubby or the rest of my family. 


3 thoughts on “Ferndale to Chatsworth Day 51 – 87 km

  1. Hi Liz that was one interesting day you had. I like the monument of WI, lovely countryside and again interesting people. You are sounding so much better within yourself. Is it Hwy 6 you are taking? Love you


    • Hi Rosemary I can recommend cycling img in and around Bruce peninsula it was lovely now down at Whitby and moving on tomorrow hope you got your kayak sorted via the Internet

      Regards liz

      On Friday, July 10, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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