Manitowaning to Ferndale – Day 50 -80km

As I fell asleep really early last night I woke up really early and thought I’d go for the 9am ferry from South Baymouth to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. So off down the road just before 7am and 32 km to do. There was hardly a sole on the roads and I made good time and arrived with time in hand and a chance to speak to a fellow rider who has ridden from Calgary and going to Montreal but he is putting in the mileage so we just chatted but no hope of me wanting to go that fast. The wonderful thing about catching the ferry is bikes go on first and also come off first what a bonus and no traffic issues. It was a perfect day for sailing calm and the sun shining, spent all the time on deck in a lovely comfortable sun chair for a hour and forty five Mins.

My ferry coming into the dock

Then leaving in a quick turn round and off down Lake Huron

South Baymouth as we leave the harbour

As I was travelling to the ferry I noticed my back tyre spongey again so I pumped her up at the garage and she got me to my motel tonight where I have taken the tyre completely off checked the rim and put a new inner tube in if that doesn’t work a new tyre at Owen Sound maybe require do. I also noticed as I came into Ferndale a annoying little squeak so I cleaned blackbetty and oiled and lovely gave her a pep talk so hopefully she’ll be right touch wood. As I’m now heading for Whitby in a few days near Toronto she may need a tune up we will have to see. I have some what been neglecting her as she is really good but it is over 4,000 km now and all I have had done is a new chain and a quick check over in Fernie in BC.

The lighthouse as you turn into Tobermory and some of the islands  near by.

The other day on my way done from Whitefish Falls a couple in a VW camper pulled up across the other side of the rd and took a photo of me I just wave. Today I met them on the ferry and he got some more as I was about to disembark at the time I was trying to get pictures of some of the motorbikes the women were on so he kindly took one of me on my camera( I hate my photo being taken just for the record). As you can see it was another bad hair day but I can live with it now.

The boat lurched just as it was taken I thought my bike was going to topple on very expensive  m/cycles.

Like this one just next to blackbetty that person bending over is infact a women they drive big machines this side of the pond.

So off the ferry at Tobermory which was a lovely little place and I wanted to stop as I needed my second breakfast. I found just the spot and could sit outside and made the perfect cuppa done.

Great pies and butter tarts they could change my mind over frosted cinnamon well maybe not? I  made another 50km  but before then it was hot and I needed yes you guessed something else to eat so into a organic bakery in someone’s back garden and pasties to die for I couldn’t resist will power and me do not happen in the same sentence. This side of the lakes there is going to be temptations!!!!!

Sitting in the organic garden very hippy like but enjoyable. Then a few km more and got a room in a motel so I could work on the bike. All done now  so a happy bunny as they say. Oh happy birthday Pete sorry not there with you and happy birthday Mo as it is also hers hope you both had good days hope to celebrate with you when I see you.


3 thoughts on “Manitowaning to Ferndale – Day 50 -80km

  1. Hi Liz that was good that you got a extra rest on the ferry. It must feel good when you say I have done 4000km, very proud of you girl. Good photos, especially of you. It looks more civilised, this side of the ferry, even quaint. Hope the bike stands up to the next part of the journey, I am sure it will. Love you


  2. Good going sis. Looks like your travelling through a pretty nice part there. Maybe you could get a small electric motor for blackbetty for the forthcoming hills, just a thought.
    Are you stopping in Toronto? Mx


    • Yeah heading to the suburbs and going to catch Campbell James friend at Whitby as I have time. Just meandering through now taking in the sights plenty of motor bikes

      On Thursday, July 9, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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