Chatsworth to Primrose Day 52 – 82 km

Today I woke to bright sunshine and it promised to be another warm one on the road. I thought I’d try off road today and go down one of the trails to try and beat the traffic on Hwy 10. The first 25 km were rideable but then it was so bumpy that I thought I might break the bike ok if your on a mountain bike with shocks on the front.

Not to bad at first then  I pasted a clearing with swans on the water.

Nice picture first thing on the ride.

I then went back on the road and stopped to have yes you’ve guessed my second breakfast at Markdale. This was at about 25 Kim’s which was good. I decided to stay on the  Hwy 10 even thou there was road works coming up. As most of the traffic was going north bound to holiday cottages up on the peninsula being that it’s holiday season and weekend plus the opening of the Pan Am games are taking place in Toronto tonight  so everyone  is escaping. 

I don’t mind roadworks as sometimes it can work in your favour today it did. In case your wondering how  it works?  you stand with bike waiting for the controller to give you the go sign usually they state they will let you go first to give a head start. The girl did that and told the cars behind not to overtake me jobs a good one I poodle along at 25 km  possibly annoying the people behind but I have not got a care in the world. Everyone sitting the other way we’re getting annoyed as the traffic backed up over a few km not caused by me I add. This also helps as they when they start going through I have no traffic behind me. 

Fancy riding around in that one

I got to Shelburne looking for my motel to no avail bloody Google again silly me Shelburne Motel has moved to Primrose further along. This all happened around 1630hrs when the roads were very busy. When I arrived and told the lady she said yes we know it’s sited us in the wrong area!!!!!!!!! 

My home for the night.

There is a garage next door and Stevens Restaurant which I had a lovely chicken salad see  don’t eat rubbish all the time even thou on offer was a sub or 2 hamburger joints. I went in one to get milk for my cereal and was asked white or brown. I always thought when buying milk it was white but there you go. 

Also on sale at the garage was Dew worms maybe it makes your car go faster who knows.
Well not much else to report hopefully I’ll be in Whitby  the other side of  Toronto by Sunday just trying to skirt round the edges. 


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