Whitefish Fall to Manitowaning Day 49 – 69 km

Last night the wind and rain came in loudly,I hoped that it would blow through by early morning but was wrong. As I woke it got harder and after breakfast decided to stay put as forcast stated  it was to stop about lunch time.

However that didn’t happen  and eventually I took the plunge and left Dave  and pushed on through the rain till about Little Current. There it stopped but the sun refused to come out leaving it quite damp and overcast but not cold.

The swing  bridge over to Minitoulin Island. Stopped at Little Current and had a drink and a little light lunch.

This is known by locals as 10 mile hill although it is not actually 10miles but at the end of the day we not what I wanted but managed to do


This is a view  from the view point.



 Apart from a few pics the rd has good shoulder  and is a lot nicer than Hwy 17. 
I’m now about 30  km out for the ferry to Tobermory. I. Slowly making my way south. Hopefully tomorrow the sun is forecast to come out and play. So tonight early night and push  south to above Toronto. Hopefully I will get a nice closing.


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