Massey to Whitefish Falls Day 48 – 50 km

Last night I slept so well and woke refreshed. Ann woke me on the way out to work and I was packed up and ready to roll at about 0730am to avoid the heat later on in the day. I locked up and left the house and throughly enjoyed my unexpected  stay  at Ann and Paul’s  but it was certainly worth it they were fantastic hosts so big thanks again guys.

Off down the back road of Lee Valley rd  which would take me into Espanola without going on the dreaded Hwy 17 which I’m now officially finished with. I came into town about  25 km down the rd and spied on the corner Tim Hortons so second breakfast was required and a cuppa  then plenty to drink as although sun was not  coming through it was very hot and humid. I also bought some more  sun cream factor 60 after my shoulders got nicely red yesterday as I tried to get rid of the t shirt line on my arms.

After having my second breakfast it was down the road to my warmshowers hosts Dave and Sheila at Whitefish Falls. The road is windy and is a bit up and down but nice a few steep hills but nothing now that throws me in a spin. The shoulder was fab a lot of it  and no rumble strip hoorah!!!!!!

First thing this morning going across the bridge to Lee Valley Rd.

The ups and downs of the road but nice wide shoulders and not to steep

Spoke to soon but a nice ride in

In the dips at the sides of the road

Dave had seen me on the rd as he had come back from Esponola this morning as was there to greet me at the turn off to Red Deer. This is home for the night and what a lovely place over looking Lake Huron and Bay of Islands.

My gazebo for the night all foods taken to the house invade yogi comes a calling.

Views from the garden

Then I went for a swim/wash even had soap and shampoo on the lake side I like a bathroom or tub with a view

Sorry no shower curtain to draw but very nice temperature and wash was had. 

The evening was rounded off with a beer and BBQ 

Oh before that Dave and Sheila took me out in there boat for a spin round the lake and to see the WhiteFish falls sorry my camera was in charge. So another breathtaking day had and super hosts to show me around.


4 thoughts on “Massey to Whitefish Falls Day 48 – 50 km

  1. Hi Liz the generosity of the Canadians just keeps coming. Did you says that the water was warm it looks cold to me, but I love the big bath, I hope you cleaned it after you came out lol. Taking care. Love you


  2. Really good to hear how generous and kind people are being. Lakeside looks great. Sure you don’t need me, Bertie and the bongo?


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