Iron Bridge to Massey – 97 km- Day 47

Today I was slow starting and I wasn’t packed up and ready to hit the road till after 8am. It was a lovely day started off cool but in no time was very very warm so much so I changed shirt to a sleeveless one. 

I stopped 25 km at Blind River at my usual haunt good old Timmys and treated my self to my second breakfast. I also decided because of the meal deal to change and have a orange and carrot muffin instead. Could be in the running for second favourite but not quite there with my cinnamon frosted roll. I was speaking to another cyclist who use to live in Toronto and he gave me a few pointers to which route to taken from Owen Sound.
On leaving Timmys a guy came up and was asking about my trip Paul and his wife are actually from Massey and have just done a 3 week tour around the Lake with their trailer. On hearing I was making for Massey tonight offered to let me stay at theirs and gave me their address and would see me after 1500hours. What kind people to be returning home with the usual washing etc to put me up for the night and feed me a lovely BBQ. I arrived at Massey but cars were queuing on the rd for a about a mile out of town due to the road works on the bridge in town. I quickly nipped down the side and turned off when hit town( I knew there would be advantages on biking).
They are a bilingual family inter acting in both French and English which puts my language skills to shame. Ann as she works in early learning on the Indian reservation also speaks a little native Indian which was interesting to listen to as it resembles no other language I’ve heard. They have a lovely house which over looks the Spanish River to which I will cross tomorrow on my way to Esponola on the way to the Island. Ann showed me the fish She managed to landed from outside her house so for you Josh its a Muskie 54 inches long and weighed 43 lb and took her about 30 mins or so to battle it to shore.
Today my animal count was one raccoon first thing this morning crossing over the road near to Iron Bridge but move to fast to get pics of theses animals, 2 Sandhill cranes taking flight and what a noise they make( I now know what you mean Randy). A few soaring Eagles, a mother and fawn. So quite a good day but no  bears.


Along the the river after Iron Bridge 

Further along it was so tranquil and hardly any traffic on the road who could ask for more.

Da do they think if I see Yogi or his mates I’m going to hold out some food don’t think so?


Like this addres


The Serpent River from both sides of the bridge


Ann and Paul’s house beautiful setting over looking the Spanish River


View from their pontoon

This is where Ann landed her fish

Some size 

  Their 2 dogs  I could easily kidnapped Chico the grey one which reminded me of Pip my dog.

On the decking I think he wants to go down for a swim

So again folks I cannot find words regards how friendly and helpful people have been on this journey it restores your faith again in human nature or was I just becoming to cynical with the job I do.


3 thoughts on “Iron Bridge to Massey – 97 km- Day 47

  1. Hi Liz you wonder if people would be so kind in this Country mm you would hope so? My Grandaughter Katie would love to catch a fish that big, she will be 14 in August and a very keen Angler, she is out most Weekends fishing with the Blairgowrie Angling Club. We have Harris their dog while they are on holiday so he keeps us entertained, lovely dog. Love you


    • Yeah still no bears but sleeping under a gazebo tonight at side of Lake Huron so hope no strangers tonight. Fantastic day on boat on lake having a blast.

      On Monday, July 6, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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