sauté St Marie to Iron Bridge – Day 46- 109km

Well after a good breakfast made by Mary Ann I was packed up and ready to hit the road. Mary Ann said she would ride with me through the Indian Reservation  to Echo Bay some 25 km so that was nice and we moved quite quickly despite the lingering fog this morning. After saying goodbye to my host thanks again guys hope you have a speed recovery David. Mary Ann before hand took some pictures of the statue of the guy who designed what is on the Candian Dollar which is called a loony as of the bird depicted on the coin.


 My hosts in the Soo as I packed up


The loony 

I was on my way back to the dreaded Hwy 17!!!!

The road wasn’t to bad although it kept losing the hard shoulder or putting a rumble strip when I wanted to cycle.

New signs now greeted me I think it’s telling me there is horse drawn carriages  driven by the Armish people.

Armish man working in the field I didn’t feel right getting up close and taking photos of his family and horse and black rig

Onwards I went I seemed to be on form to day as at about 1130 I stopped to have my lunch I’d made at Mary Ann’s. having compiled 50 km. I sat out of the sun as it was getting hot and humidity up at about 80% . My stop was at Bruce’s Mines Marina which was nice with a bit of a breeze.

The marina Bruce Mines

The road just travelled

On the road today I saw 3 other tourers all going in the opposite direct to me but we did the wave and rang bells, I think we are all mad.

Eventually Lake Huron came into view in the  distance.

But I think they call this bit the North Channel. Other than this not a lot happened on the road although I did see a few birds of prey soaring and one perched on a stump flapping their wings but I was going down hill and didn’t like to stop, as I had just climbed and was enjoying getting up speed. So arrived at about 1530hrs having completed 109 km which I was happy with.

Oh happy 4 th of July to my American Friends hope you have a good one.


4 thoughts on “sauté St Marie to Iron Bridge – Day 46- 109km

  1. Hi Liz, what a couple of days rest does, you sound so up beat. That hwy 17 does look a wee bit scary to say the least. Interesting photos, we are never to old to learn. Keep cycling. Love you


  2. Hey Mum

    Not a bad ride to Iron Bridge. Why didn’t you stop and talk to the amish people looked interesting?

    Much love G

    Greg and Ella


  3. Yes ( like Greg) give it a go, stop and talk to the Amish people, could be fascinating… (makes me think of that film with Harrison Ford though, Witness) x


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