Upsala to Thunder Bay Day 35 – here comes the rain 73 km

I woke up could hear cyclist next door getting ready so looked at my phone one said 6am and my tablet said 7am have I lost an hour? I briefly spoke to the guy next door as he loaded up to get going wasn’t sure if he was going east or west. No he was anxious to get going on his way to Thunder Bay. I stayed had 1st breakfast of the day a bowl of cereal and a mug of tea then packed up and on my way.

At 10 km down the road the other motel with restaurant came  into view so as I’ve not seen to many offering food thought let’s have brekkie no2 and it was very nice to but who has chips with their breakfast? The owners said bad weather was coming as both her and hubby’s hands were playing them up. Rain was forecast so thought I’d get a shift on. I texted Rosemary my host  in Thunder Bay to say that I was running a day early because of yesterday. She texted back good to go and able to pick me up from Shabaqua as prearranged but only a day earlier so 73 km to be done and I was off.

First up I saw a car parked on the opposite lane further down the rd. Bear? No it was a moose let’s call him Max just off the rd so camera ready here we go but from a distance as they seem to run away away a  lot of the time.

There he is that made my day.  As I continue on my way a guy stopped and told me to hang fire a bit as there was rather a large moose further up the rd with 2 calves I slowly made my way up but on the opposite side. It was great but she and her babies took off into woods so no pics 4 in one day couldn’t belief my luck.

Now the guy at the hotel last night said its all down hill to Thunder Bay is he having a giraffe!!!!! I don’t think so what was that I’ve been cycling up today then?

Now I found out Upsala uses Eastern time so I’ve now official lost another hour (rather careless of me).

Look even a board to tell me.

I had just read this sign and plip plop jacket on and the heavens opened up. Did this stop the mosquito?no nice bite behind my ear now. So  they had been spot on with the forecast at the motel. Anyway places to be  onward I went the rain  socked my jacket, shoes soaked on the plus side at least with shorts on it doesn’t seem so bad

Then the roadworks!!!! My little rant of the day in Good old Blighty we call it a hard shoulder so should you break down or have a flat you are well positioned to change said flat or pull over safely cause the shoulder is hard. No no it’s not like that here the shoulder disappeared before the rd works and of late shoulders are a thing of the past not like BC .

As it was chucking it down the spray from lorries whizzing passed I went on to what they  call shoulder. It usually is gravel or soft asphalt but with the rain I was sinking in it with the bike fully loaded but had no space on the highway to go. I pushed until I managed to go up hill in the lane corded off. I must be mellowing as all I could do was laugh at the situation and  wondered should I shampoo my hair as I had enough water. My nano is now soaked and will it work if I dry it out or is it beyond repair.

Finally as I came down the hill and round the corner there was Rosemary waving me home. A welcoming sight even thou we have never met. We loaded up and off we went via The Kakabeka Falls. Thank you Rosemary for stopping in all the rain allowing me to go and see and take some photos. They were worth the visit .


Rosemary had kindly phoned ahead so the cycle shop she uses were already aware of my bike coming in to be serviced. Then I got my first glimpse of Lake Superior all those geography lessons of my childhood and here I was finally wow! Even on a rain day it felt good to see.

Home we went and Rosemary could see how cold I was now so ran me a hot bath which was fantastic and we had a lovely meal, a bottle of beer and sat and watched a movie.

My  thoughts now turn to which route now along the top of Superior no shoulder and lots of hills and big distances in one day due to lack of anything Inbetween or south to Duluth USA across board and along the south side then back up at sault ste Marie then along Hwy17 for a short time to Espanola the ferry to Manitoulin Island so maps to be looked at and thoughts to be taken in, I’ll keep you posted here for 2 nights. 


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