Ignace to Upsala Day 34 – 108km

Well after a good meal last night and plenty or rehydration I felt much better but had decided on a short day to give my body time to recover as may have been pushing to hard. So up breakfast at motel and loaded and late for me off just before 9am. The weather was lovely the sun is back out but with the wind  swirling in all directions today kept the flys at bay as much as they can and my mosquito lotions applied heavily. 

I was to make my destination 60 km by about 1230 at English River. It looked lovely with views across the lake perfect or so I thought. I knocked I rang the bell there were cars there but no one about. Then I had the decision stay and see if some turns up or go on to the next place about 50 km up the rd. Off I went short of water and no place to stop before I get to Upsala. God this bit of rd has no stops so you have to carry all you need.

Slightly better scenery today

The shoulder is getting shorter and shorter and my mirror is used quite a bit so I can bale out when 2 trucks meet at the same time it can be quite scary at times especially going up the hills where the shoulder is almost  gone over to gravel

Lunch stop with a bit of a breeze kept the flys at bay

The view from the other picnic table it really was nice and peaceful

More warning to motorists when driving at night.

They are hiding from me!!!!

I eventually got to what I thought was Upsala the sign said petrol 2 mins,hotel 6 mins, again what does that mean to me who is tired and in need of food.

It actually meant 30 mins to come across the shell garage so I dived in there for liquid and some food but not a lot on offer so toasted cheese sandwich would have to do.  Chocolate milk for afters health living not but I had brought a prepacked chicken salad for evening meal.

On I went in search of this  motel and in the process the bloody sat nav Google took me across a cinder rd to which I fell off and cut my leg front and back so more bruising and a few choice words said to no one in particular, I’m beginning to dislike this part of the rd no stops and google maps all wrong with mileage and accurate data.

I have arrived now the guy here States  moose have been coming up to the rd at night plus bears and 2 wolves so could be interesting watching from my window I’m certainly not going out there. There is a lake opposite here on the other side of highway and a park but I’m staying put.

Tomorrow making my way 80 km further down the rd booking into another motel and my host in Thunder Bay is coming out to collect me  Tuesday so I can drop my bike at the shop to get new chain on and check everything is  ok for the next part of journey. So on Tuesday will be in Thunder Bay for 2 nights and a bit of a rest and planning going round the lake. The guy hear also to.d me its all down hill to The Bay but I’ve read Amy’s blog and I don’t believe anyone now unless they have travelled the rd by bike.!!!!!


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