Thunder Bay Rest Day 36

Hi a rest day in the Bay. Woke up after a good nights sleep. Sun is up and planning my next days cycling tomorrow doing washing then off out this afternoon sight seeing with Rosemary.

First stop was a picnic at the Terry Fox  memorial. To those who don’t know anything about him  he lost his leg to cancer and so decided to run across Canada going 26 miles a day raising 24. Million for Cancer. Sadly his cancer returned and he only got a little way out of the Bay before he had to give up and sadly lost his life  back in 1981. 

This over looks Lake Superior 

Best shot as it was very hot and sunny

Over looking Thunder Bay

That is big foot which juts out into the lake

Rosemary my super host for 2 days thanks for all your help and kindness

These are the grain silos that the big tankers come in and get loaded from

The harbour break water wall

Looks like someone is going fishing on the lake for some big stuff


This is some glass art work down at the marine area


The local tipple which went down on a very hot sunny afternoon. I make no excuses it was nice. It’s called sleeping giant and brewed locally. So all in all a lovely day. Picked up my bike as needed new chain  and lubed up then home for BBQ even thou wind plus thunderstorm came in later. Well it is Thunder Bay what did I expect.

I’m amazed to find out also  the lake does freeze over in the winter due to the severe cold especially last years winter, even Rosemary had to warm the battery of her car just to get it started, as well has the usual plug in to keep the oil etc from freezing .

So off to bed to see what tomorrow brings.


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