MANATOBIA  – Mossomin to Virden  67 km Day24 short day

Another town another Province. Yes made it to Manatobia put my clock forward 1 hour so kinda strange day so due to the stages I’ve planned pulled in here just after 1430hrs after a late start this morning. 

Today’s road was a mixture of good shoulder then bad  but all in all not to bad not much to be seen really except more greenery and more trees which is nice for a change but still flat roads. About 20 km down the road I pulled in to get the usual I’ve made it to Manitoba. To be honest I’m amazed every time I cross into a new Province knowing I cycled there still gives me  a strange feeling. I decided that as no one was there to take my photo I’ll try and work out how to use the delay on my camera, I can hear my family laughing now as they know how I hate technology. So I apologise but this is the best I could do from the saddle of blackbetty and me doing a mad dash up to the sign. God knows what passing motorist must of thought of the demented girl on the bike.

Blackbetty in front of the sign.

Sorry the best I could do after several attempts

All through the Praries has been these black birds with bright red on the wings as you go past they are always squawking but quite amusing so today managed to photo one of them.

Also to give you some idea how the roads shoulder I cycle on was bad in places

But it did get better just off and on was like this or worse at one point where the rd was blocked off for repair I went into the blocked off lane which was cool and much safer.

Then came the magic 2,000 km mark and a little cheer even though no one could hear except the squawking birds.

Only about another 3,000 or so to go if you say it quickly it doesn’t seem so bad.

I also had to laugh at how short the telegraph poles are here I was wondering if the engineers are midgets or something but even I could reach .

I mean there is small and smaller than this one.

Also as I cycled on I was confused was I in Norfolk or Suffolk as the signs confused me was I back home???

Near but so far away!

Tonight I treated myself to a pizza not had one for years and thought tomorrow doing  124km would certainly work that off no problems. I’m heading to Carberry and a little motel called Robins Nest  motel. It reminds me of a TV programme years ago and Robins Nest was a comedy about a one armed dishwasher so that made me smile. Well that’s all folks sorry but not much more to pass onto you. 

Oh almost forgot at the end of the day I was at Tim Hortons and as I pulled up a another guy was about to head off. His name is Luke he is going to Winnipeg then round the lakes then finishing off in New York. He has given me his card as he is coming back to Halifax to start uni in the fall. Flying in to Halifax on the 25 Aug so he told me to call as he may have a flat sorted by then which I thought nice of him. He is coming back via Australia, New Zealand on a half the world trip. It’s amazing wh you bump into at Tim Hortons.


2 thoughts on “MANATOBIA  – Mossomin to Virden  67 km Day24 short day

  1. Well done Liz- 2K K a great effort. I really like your blogs, always informative and amusing.
    The black birds with red patch on wings are called are called imaginarily- Red Winged Blackbirds!


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