Wolseley to Moosomin Day 23 – 124km

Well left the hotel fairly early. No Wind I say again no wind as such so at 7.30 I was on the road. The guy in the next room was outside watching me pack up with a fag in his hand. ” what’d you want to  cycle across Canada for,I might if it was on a horse nah don’t think so” so I knew it would be a interesting conversation. He saw the sign I have on the bike saying across Canada. I said cos I can  I replied. he thought had a drag on his fag and coughed somemore. At this point I took my exit as the fumes were wafting my way.

The road was fairly quiet and as I had porridge and a banana I was ready to motor. I reached Grenfell and going in the opposite direction was 2 guys on fully laiden bikes the  usual waves and shout to each other and we waved good bye me going east they going west. 

The usual hoot as the long train went by but not a lot other than that. A couple of snakes on the shoulder and one was alive  but managed to narrowly miss it thank goodness as I hate snakes(not a rattler) then further up was a dead small moose on the fast lane which was a shame. I thought should I phone the police like everyone in Norfolk does to tell of debris on the road I pause held that thought  with you must be joking and carried on…..

Somemore silos that are along the rail tracks.

The country side has been getting greener and more rolling fields than of late and more trees which makes a change. Then the next sign came up and I thought maybe I’ll get to see one but so far no luck.

Where are you?

Today I didn’t stop for lunch instead I ate al fresco some hard boiled eggs, chicken which needed finishing ah and  carrot dipped in soft cream cheese what a feast. Inbetween I did have my  peanut bars washed down with a slush iced drink. Why do I buy cold drinks like that all I get is brain freeze and the lady from the gas station trying to have a chat to me with me clutching my head  and nose no more of these or smoothies.

Tonight I pulled into Moosomin which is very small but hear on the news 2 of its travelling youths have been arrested in Malaysia for dancing naked on a scared hill there. To clarify it seems a very quiet town with railway track running through and I haven’t seen any local natives dancing naked near the tracks so it is obviously something they do when abroad.

The railway crossing into town. Needles to say my motel is on the wrong side of the track and run by a Chinese couple who speak no English and that were carrying out acupuncture on the owners hand when I arrived  but I carried on filling out my card without batting a eyelid as if that was the norm.

The main drag.

Tomorrow I cycle down the rd about 15 km or so and cross over to the Province of Manatobia  and put my clock forward 1 hour and I also believe my  clock will also turn to the completion of 2,000 km so I may do a little dance tomorrow but will be fully dressed.  Night to all my readers or anyone that cares to follow me happy to reply to any e mails. 

Further update hung my shorts and cycling top outside to dry just gone out to collect them and the door of my room shut. Now have done something of a dance in bare feet over a I unpaved parking lot to get spare key. You got to laugh. Oh nearly out of Yorkshire t bags crisis may have to resort to teller but not quite the same.


2 thoughts on “Wolseley to Moosomin Day 23 – 124km

  1. Thanks again 124 km to be covered tomorrow. Then one other stop then onto Winnipeg on Sunday night hopefully unless any other things happen. Have fun painting the fence Love liz

    On Thursday, June 11, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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