Virden to Carberry 124km Day 25 The Praries keeps on giving

Up and packed up and on the road by 07.15am. I’d heard that it was going to be a bad day weather wise. The Praries just keeps on giving. Straight away there was a strong head wind as I started cycling towards Brandon. That was bad enough as the rd veered round the wind then battered me from the side almost putting me into the road. It was a constant battle all day but I had booked my motel so on I went cursing. 

As the day went  on it got warmer and the sun was very strong. I kept putting more sun cream on as I could feel myself getting burnt. As I did this of course the dust from fields and Vehs coming off dirt track roads just whipped up and stuck to me it was crazy it was like being sand blasted

As I made progress slowly I came into Brandon  and stopped for lunch quickly as by then I just wanted to get to the motel out of the sun and away from the wind. But it was a cruel afternoon on me as it just never let up and the gusting wind was horrible. I was cursing and swearing and had to dig deep but I finally pulled up here 124km completed at 1530hr having battled the wind, I hope tomorrow will be better?


You can see the the flags blowing across  just letting me know there is a strong cross wind with gust up to 45


The road I travelled


I knew I was getting near my destination.


Looks like it’s little house on the praires on wheels!!!

These photos were the best I could do to day as my mind was more into battling the elements for that I am sorry. Must do better tomorrow. 


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