Hi I sit here writing my final blog after 3 wonderful weeks exploring Canada with Pete. Some places I returned to with Pete but we also managed to squeeze in a few new places. The weather really has been kind to us and we depart from Canada on a very hot day and pleasant night having had a super time. Thanks again to all my Canadian friends who have made both mine and Pete’s  trip fantastic.

Some pictures from our time after Quebec City.

Dragon boat racing at Lachine last Saturday no we were not aboard nor asked to crew but hey maybe a new challenge?

Watching the  people shooting the rapids at Lachine


 Lachine near where we stayed.


  Cruise liner visiting downtown Montreal

Downtown artwork in Montreal and also entry to Chinatown. Also across from Old Port a very confused housing.

We managed to go out of town on our anniversary and went up to the mountains to Mount Tremblant and had a super meal

Also in our final days here we managed to catch up with my warmshowers host the wonderful Gavin (Gavilar) Elisa and Charlotte thanks guys for a lovely night and for our cakes we have already had some.

St Anne Bellvue today on this my final day in Canada. I hope to return guys and am already thinking of a new challenge watch this space time and money allowing!!!!

Lunch today


Just liked the name. Derek its for sale if your interested!


Pete chilling after lunch

This made us smile old guy cycling around with so many bags attached with Proud to be Canadian. 

I have had a fantastic time thank you all for your help and kindness I have had the most amazing trip. Byeeeeeee



4 thoughts on “Montreal

  1. Peter and I are currently raising a glass of cider to your successful trip! We loved following along with your adventure and we are so very pleased to have taken a wee part in it at the outset. You met some wonderful folks along the way, but I think that is a testament to the attitude with which you approached your time in Canada. It’s also very cool to have been able to finish the whole thing with your husband joining in. I imagine you are sifting through the various memories as you sit at the airport – from the rainy climb up to Manning Park to the Prairies to the dip down south to the States and those wonderful Maritimes.
    We will certainly be delighted if you choose to return to Hope and you know you have a place to stay should you want to explore more in this area. There’s always the cycle down the coast from Vancouver to Mexico… Just saying…
    All the very best and CHEERS!
    Hilary and Peter Kennedy


  2. Wonderful that you share your adventures with us, Liz.

    Lynn and I hope to do the coast to coast walk in northern England some day so you may find us dropping by to say hello at some point.

    May Balck Betty’s bottom bracket always be tight and tailwind gods be with you always.




  3. It was so great meeting you, I hope your adventure was all you hopes for and more 😉 great job, and congratulation on an amazing solo journey. Hats off to you Liz . If you are ever back in the Vancouver / Fraser valley area send us an email cheers to you and your hubby. Safe travels home 🙂
    Janet ( corals cabin ) lol


  4. Safe trip back to Blighty Liz. I’ve very much enjoyed following your blog and the beautiful pictures/scenery along the way. You are certainly a good salesperson for a trip to Canada. I get the impression it was all you hoped it to be and a bit more still. I look forward to seeing you again soon. (Which will probably be much too soon for you! ) x


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