Quebec – Montmorency Waterfall 

Back again enjoying fantastic weather and seeing new sights. We arrived yesterday and came into the city via the Levis ferry which was a nice way to see the Chateau and quebecs skyline. We had stayed the night before in a very lovely village of Kamarouski further up the St Lawrence. The weather the day before was not to good and we thought it was a waste taking the ferry across further up at Rivière du loup in the fog as it turns out it was a good choice and the sun came out as we made Quebec.


On the way down the Hwy 132

Kamarouski church


Had to take a photo of someone garage door in Kamarouski  

  Now to the old town in Quebec nicely painted on the wall in the old part of time.

  The promenade near to the Chateau.
Today we were going to see the waterfall which was stunning I didn’t get up close the last visit I made to the city. 

We went up in the cable car to walk over the bridge. In the winter it freezes and people ice climb. It is also 30 metres taller than Niagra Falls

A view from the other side of the waterfall 

From the other,side wasn’t stupid enough to go down below and get soaked even thou it was very warm.

This was a brilliant dog who was watching out for his owner who went over the wall onto the next level.

The zip wire you can risk for 20$ not bad but I’m scared of heights

The house which was rebuilt after a fire in 1993 orginally it was built for the governor a few centuries ago as his summer house not bad summer house!!!!!



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