Greetings from Cap-des-Rosiers 

Today we started from Carleton sur mer heading up towards Gaspe the weather was warming up again so shorts back on. The scenery was stunning and we had to keep stopping to admire the views, it really is a lovely part of the country.

A sculpture at one of the picnic areas dotted about. 

We reached  Port Daniel and saw lots of cars stopped at a local cafe so we did like wise and were not disappointed it appears the locals were out in force for petit déjeuner. We felt under dressed in our shorts as the locals were all dressed up and the air smelt of very over powering perfume and aftershave. 

We stopped for lunch at Perce which was lovely not only for the food but for the views the place is stunning.

Richer Perce just off the village it is spectacular 

You can get a boat trip round it. There use to be another arch but part of that was lost in the 1800’s  and the gap appeared after a lightening strike in the 1950’s


Where we stopped for lunch beautiful bread and snacks. Run by a Australian girl and her boyfriend. Worth a stop Dale if you do the route by bike!! It would be a stunning cycle tour.

Mont Blanc  Canada QC

The road out north it is such a stunning places so many views

On we drove towards Gaspe itself. The road climbs out then drops 12% into the next bay.

 We past Gaspe and now booked into a lovely motel over looking the sea and near the light house for the night. Tomorrow it is forecast to rain but we are making our way down the coastal route towards Rivere du loup. After that they say the weather is to heat up again.



  Home for the night.

  Love these bikes.



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