Carleton sur mer

On Friday it rained heavily as we made our way Shediac towards Fredricton. The road conditions got worse and we got off the highway and headed along Hwy 105 that I had previously travelled. We stopped off at Caseys diner. There we had a long lunch in a very eclectic diner, included in the diner surrounds was a old car and various other 1950s pieces. The food was good homemade fare,and as we were waiting out the rain we treated ourselves  to home made pie and cake mine was blueberry and was worth our extended lunch. Whilst there we got speaking to two very wet motor bikers who were also waiting out the passing rain. They were still soaked from the previous day’s ride from Halifax that we had managed to dodge.

As we reached Fredricton we decided to push on passed the rain and ended our day in Miramichi where the rain was starting to ease off. So no pictures taken on Friday folks.

On Saturday  we woke up to no rain and the promise of sunshine as the day progressed so we decided on a picnic at lunch time.

We headed north but decided to take the scenic route by the coast which was lovely as the sun came out.

Our lunch stop and view

It dive bombed another couple walking passed  and this was only a young one!

That’s where we were heading at the end of the day.

Our view from room last night near Carleton sur mer. We then went out last night to a French Bistro where the owner didn’t speak any English and the menu was all in French but we managed to order and not end up with something we didn’t like. The Bistro was very French  but nice.

Inside the Bistro. As we are now in Quebec we gained a hour so this morning I was up with the lark and managed to catch a lovely sunrise which was nice



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