Greetings from Shediac again

I finally bid a sad farewell to Nova Scotia which I believe to be one of Canada’s hidden gems. I have been here since the 17 August and have had a fantastic time and meet some great people who I hope will remain firm friends as their hospitality was second to none. So thanks again especially to Dale and Dorothy and also Jill and all you other friendly Nova Scotians.

Today we left Digby in changing weather conditions very foggy and through the start of the day my first rain in Nova Scotia. We made it to Shediac by mid afternoon and sunshine returned but we are told rain is forecast for tomorrow but it’ll make a change. There is no such thing as bad weather only being inappropriately dressed!!!

Yesterday we went out from Digby neck whale watching but as we left port the fog came down but it was warm and it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm. Alas it was not to be. A pod of Dolphins leaping a couple of seals and a very large shark as we returned to port was our reward better luck next time. As we arrived back in Digby for he night we were surprised but pleased to see that The Bluenose 11 that Pete missed in lunenburg was berthed for the night. So we went along dock side and spoke to one crew member on watch for the night  who gave us all the history and workings of the boat which was brilliant. She leaves tomorrow to go back to Lunenburg for the winter.

We went off the beaten track and went down to one of the coves where locals estimate distances

 On the way down Digby neck and one of the ferries

Fishing boat putting to sea whilst we waited on our boat.

Today to begin with unable to get any photos due to the heavy fog but sun  at the end of the day at Shediac.

A balmy evening stroll at the end of the point and where the locals were out in force fishing.

The sun setting and a yacht coming into port

Another end to another lovely day. Off to Fredricton tomorrow and then Saturday making our way up to Campbellton enroute to Gaspe in Quebec Province and doing right round the coast to Rivere du loup to catch the ferry so hopefully more National Parks and stunning scenery and wildlife we’ll keep you posted.


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