Down the Coast Nova Scotia

Yes we are  still in Halifax checking out the area out. Today we got up and headed across to Dale’s as I left my cardigan there last night. After a cuppa and a chat we left on the way down further south of Lunenburgh. We were making for Petite Rivere. The weather again was a lovely 28 with a nice breeze. Although this is labour day here and a public holiday, we expected the roads to be busy but to be honest it was very quiet and everything seems to close. I mean no food stores etc not like Britain. Oh but Timmys never closeS holiday or no holidays.

A real old fashioned general store in the village

Where we stopped and had a lovely picnic lunch in the baking sun.

Down on the beach it was so warm can’t believe the luck we are having with the weather. This was out on the point but not busy.

After a day near the beach we headed back to our B&B in Halifax and went down the waterfront again tonight. Pete was trying out the local brews but was taken by the local brewed garrison  and then we went onto the Alexander Keith’s  brewery.

Another good night out. Tomorrow we are heading up to the Bay of Fundy and hopefully some whale watching which we missed on Cape Breton.


3 thoughts on “Down the Coast Nova Scotia

  1. So glad you are a having a good time. I read about the diesel mix up but sounds like it work out. Good thing you noticed before ever starting!
    Tell me how you got hooked on Tim Horton’s? Was it the wifi that got you started or the sticky buns?


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