Where have we been

Hi to all well finally getting around to update my blog. Yes Pete arrived on Tuesday 2 hours early with me still enroute to the airport. His plane once he got airborne stated they were flying straight through to Halifax and not going into Gander. I eventually turned up to a lovely reunion then went to get our hired car. That was not going to be ready till 1700hrs when he was due to be in . Not the best start so in true British fashion we retired and I introduced him to Timmys. 

We then went back to the car hire to be told the only car available was a Chysler 200 s a sporty model in Black so we were upgraded.and we were off, avoiding  going on the  wrong side of the road and using adial for  changing gears , novel but soon got the hang of it. 

What have we done so far? Well we have toured downtown river front Halifax and been down to Peggy’s cove  twice and  even eaten there. 

Mr Cunard  down at the waterfront

Peggy’s Cove at dusk when hardly any bus tours about.

Of course introducing Pete  to my favourites!!!!!.

So we decided next as the weather has been hot and sunny to hit Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail. So we made the journey north taking in Pictou and surrounding area. We stopped just short of Baddeck on the first night  and went into town of Baddeck for a fabulous meal. I had snow crab  which was fantastic Pete had a strip of beef and the local brew.  Baddeck  was Alexander Graham Bells summer home and where he died  and is a pretty little town set on the edge of the water.

The next day we set off round the Cabot Trail which was stunning it amazed me to see a fair amount of cyclists going up the mountains some fully laden but some being toured about with vans in support.

Ingnosh Beach on a lovely sunny day.

Onward up the Cabot trail and started to climb over smokey  mountain glad this time I was in a car and not fully laden on blackbetty who is now safely boxed up ready for her flight home.


 Looking down from the top but more climbs ahead

Pleasant Bay  looking down from Mackenzie Mountain it was amazing. Signs here are also in Gaelic and the whole island defiantly has a Scottish feel and Scottish traditions strong here in fact even more than some parts of Scotland.

The amazing road hugging the coast line

So yesterday we were up early decided to stay another night in our motel at Whycoomagh for another night as it was so nice.

We decided to head on back on the Cabot trail and into the National Park and  go Whale watching. We even commented on how things were going so well  then it happened!!!!

We stopped to refuel, now in Britain the green pump is unleaded it was a easy mistake!!!!!! I know our car was top range and had done under 2,00km but we put diesel  in it  40 litres as it happens. Luckily we noticed and didn’t start her up but there she was stuck on the forecourt unable to be moved on a busy Bank Holiday Saturday with quing at all pumps. We called recovery and could only do what us Brits do in situations like this and head  in and have a cuppa at Timmys while chaos was happening  all around. We were  recovered and spent most of the rest of Saturday in a tow truck back To Halifax Airport to be given another car mark 2 silver sport 200 yes they trust us God knows why?

Today we spent down in Lunenburg and Mahone  Bay  as it was glorious weather.

Breakfast of fruit  on a  very hot sunny day

The Picton  Castle at Lunenburg.

Tonight we headed over to Dale and Dorothy’s as we were going to the Bicycle Thief  for dinner tonight on Halifax waterfront. Fantastic meal  in great surroundings with wonderful new friends thanks guys. The evening was so warm we sat outside and then walked along the front after dinner.


Theodora the  tug in Halifax


Dale  talking to a guy in a Plymouth. We then went back to Dale and Dorothy house and sat on the deck with a fire next to the lake a lovely end to lovely day.



3 thoughts on “Where have we been

  1. Hi Liz lovely to have you back on line, missed you. Don’t worry about the fuel mistake we did it about a year ago, you feel a right idiot, but I am glad they trusted you with another sporty car. We went to Scone Races today the weather was fabulous not a cloud in the sky first good day of the summer. We had good fun putting bets on so we came out evens. Keep in touch. Love you


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