Mahone Bay 

Today I did a bike trip to the next town along. I cycled from Jill’s place along the trail to the bay. It’s only about 9 k. away but very pretty. Full of coffee places and bistros and arts and crafts. So in lovely sunshine I meandered about the town. I could have bought so much but again restrained as no where to put it. 

 Coming along the bay into town.

As you enter the town again the houses are painted in pretty colours and on a beautiful sunny morning it certainly lifts the spirits.

Even the loos were outstanding

After wandering about the shops I cycled home because I planned to have a leisurely day before I’m back on the road again tomorrow making my way back up towards Halifax to meet Pete.

The the Airbnb I’ve been staying at has been without a doubt a oasis. Calm  and very restful and my host Jill  such a wonderful person who has made me feel like part of the family so much so we all went swimming in the lake this afternoon as it was just to hot to do anything else she has also taken me out kayaking so thank you so much Jill just the break I needed.

The lake warm and inviting

What more could you ask for. I spent the afternoon in and out of the water then Jill and I headed into Lunenburg so I could pick up a jumper to have as a reminder of my time spent here.

The lake  
Tomorrow I’m back on the road and it looks like a hot one but don’t think the humidity is high thank goodness but this is certainly a lovely place to visit and would like to come back again as so much more to see I think.


2 thoughts on “Mahone Bay 

  1. Good that you have some time to chill out after your tremendous efforts. So impressed with what you have achieved. Look forward to seeing you when you get back. X

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