Lunenburg looking around

Yesterday I spent most of my day relaxing at my Airbnb which was nice and just what was needed to charge the batteries. Although I’m not one to sit around my host Jill took me kayaking on the lake in the afternoon so another tick off my list of things to do in Canada. Sorry I didn’t get photos as didn’t want to tempt fate and fall in and lose my camera. Things on the lake seen,was a turtle yes you get a lot round here and also the beaver den at the end of the lake. So that was great  the lake water is very warm no bracing yourself when swimming.

Today I was going into Lunenburg despite the initial rain which then gave way to bright sunshine. Lunenburg is about 4 km from where I’m staying so I was kindly dropped off and then walked back.

It feels like a working port and not to many tourists about( I know I’m one of them) I try to blend in. The first thing you notice is how brightly painted the houses are which is cheerful in itself.


Just some of the different vibrant colours

I then went down to the harbour to see the Bluenose 11 working sail ship and as its owned by the people of Nova Scotia your allowed on board for a look around.

She is lovely the original won the Americas Cup and was built in Lunenburg

This schooner sit nearby and is just as impressive and the last one of its kind


To think people use to go whaling in this size of boat amazing

There is also another way to see the town by horse and carriage

Just loved the atmosphere down at the dock

This was another very expensive yacht but I felt it didn’t have the same  look as the others.

Then I had to stop for a drink the local Tall ship ale very nice now there is something missing?


Yes my lobster roll  delicious sitting out side in the sunshine watching the people go passed.


An old jeep for sale which was in fantastic order.


Tonight Jill my host drove me down to Blue Rocks outside Lunenburg where there is pretty little coves it was stunning in the last of the days sun.




 Love the shed


Looking over Lunenburg at the end of the day. So it was a lovely day in down town Lunenburg which is a must to visit if your out this way


3 thoughts on “Lunenburg looking around

  1. Hi Liz, I totally agree. Lunenburg is a wonderful place to visit. I was there last August and experienced it with my sister. Loved the colours of the homes and very scenic to tour around.
    Thanks for posting the photos. There were some I didn’t get myself. I would love to go back again. Glad your enjoying your time on the East Coast.



  2. Hi Liz what a wonderful place, I think you have found the hidden beauty of Canada. Iain and I would love to be with you looking at boats we just love them. Again the people of Canada are so kind to you, they will stay in your memory for every.


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