Chester to Lunenburg – 40 km

Another very hot day and another day on the local trails. Most of the local trails are good but today I did venture off occasionally as I felt I wasn’t getting to see the local area very much plus there is only so much woodland and foliage a person can take. 

Lunch was taken at Mahone Bay which is about 9 km from where I’m staying. It a lively little place with a few individual shops and a tea room selling loads of different teas so I had stopped there and had a lovely cuppa with a bit of carrot cake and then got supplies to take to my next stop.

 Loads of bridges on the trail either going over rivers or parts of lakes

I then ventured on the hwy 3 for a bit beside the water inlets and spied a restaurant I didn’t realise my sister in law Mo was running a cafe on the side come to that she doesn’t usually cook but now she’s doing Lebanese cooking!!

 I didn’t stop but made me smile. So Mo I’ll expect seafood as well as the wine chilling in the fridge when I return.!!!!

By the time I arrived at my Airbnb I was hot and sweaty so when my host said the water in the lake is clear and feed from a spring I soon took advantage and it was fantastic and not cold so looks like swimming will become a daily thing whilst resting up down here. 

 The lake views from the house.

 The water was so clear and warm just what you need after a day cycling in hot weather.


My home for the next 3 days it’s just really relaxing. Tomorrow I will cycle into Lunenburg which is about 5 km away and have a look around. 


3 thoughts on “Chester to Lunenburg – 40 km

  1. Hi Liz what a lovely part of the world Nova Scotia is, you have certainly border my horizons. When we go to the next Quiz night and a question comes up about Nova Scotia I will know, that’s if my short term memory doesn’t let me down lol Love you


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