Timberlea to Chester NS – 69 km

It was suppose to rain today but as luck would have it it turned into a nice sunny day for my trip further down the coast.

I had decided to use the trails all day to get here and largely it worked out with a few minor hiccups, well it wouldn’t be right I didn’t get some problems it would make it look to easy.

I must confess even when blackbetty was fully loaded I exceeded the  speed limit disgraceful behaviour. I always pass people with a trusty ring of my bell thou.

My first stop was for my second breakfast at a cafe recommended by Dale yes you were right lovely cafe and had to pop into bike shop to get another adapter for pumping up my tyres as I seem to have lost mine.

As I sat outside I was surrounded by fellow bikers so we sat and chatted about my journey and I stay for over a hour. But hey I’m on no schedule more of ill get there when I get Theresa long as it s before dark.

Very well named I thought and lovely coffee yes I sometimes drink coffee. Also the breakfast roll wasn’t bad either.

Even has a railway carriage outside.

More views from the trail


Occasionally views of the coves and the coast line which was nice. Onward I went until I came to the last 11 km or so as I crossed over hwy 3  I went about another4 km to see a sign maintenance on the trail up ahead cyclist may want to take hwy3 . After all this travelling you would think I’d learn but! I Hate,as do most cyclists doubling back so I thought how bad would it be as the notice only said might like to so on I pushed. Good grief there was rocks all sort of debris on the trail I was bouncing all over the place. Then  I came across a digger and truck but I managed to squeeze passed and this was for about 3/4 km but the old gal and I made it safely through. Blackbetty very dusty me eaten alive by the bugs so note to myself on my return to Halifax use the road you fool.

Only a little bit of what I went over the rest of the time I was just trying to stop falling off and causing myself injury.

I finally reached Chester  and tomorrow I’m heading towards Lunenburg where I’m going to have a look around for the next 4 days. So hopefully a shorter day tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Timberlea to Chester NS – 69 km

  1. Hi Liz I thought you would be having a wee rest before Pete arrived silly me for thinking that lol. Lovely scenery, are you fully loaded or are you traveling light. Had the family for Tea on Sunday so that was good fun. Love you


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