Timberlea to Peggys Cove and back again. 89 km

As Pete doesn’t fly in till the 1Sept decided to make use of my free time. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my driving licence so doing it on blackbetty well couldn’t leave her out. Today was slightly misty to start with but soon turned out ok if not a little humid well I’ll be honest bloody humid.

I took the trail part of the way then did a big circle although I kept having to look In my mirror as no hard shoulder and some cars were getting a tad close. 


Some of the views from the trail.

Then I headed down Tantallon,Glen Haven  and down the coastal road to Peggys Cove. Some of the coves are beautiful with pretty houses and of course the boat tied up outside what a life love it. Mind you when I came off the trail initially I took the wrong rd and ended up on another track but Blackbetty refused to be bounced about in such a manor so we had to retrace our route to get back to Upper Tantallon.


It got worse so Betty agreed turn back.

Nice place to stop for a coffee sit outside and look over a small inlet

So on we went then discovered the largest hammock I was asked to test it but knowing my luck would have injured myself getting In and out


Rather large but nice  for a hot day to relax on.

On I went  stopping to look or take pictures which I don’t think I could have done as well from a car.

  Love the painted house which is a museum well painted if not a little unusual 

This was on a telegraph pole opposite a house possibly looking out for the odd pirate!!!!!!!

As I entered Peggys Cove I saw the memorial to the people who lost their lives on Swissair flight 111  On the 2 sept 1998  just off of the cove.

Looking out towards the site

I then headed towards Peggys Cove but could see from the shore line it was going to be very busy as the buses kept turning up so I decided to take my photos from a distance and not get caught up with the hoards of tourist( oh hang on I’m one of them)

After Peggys Cove was nice and rugged but quite picturesque without the masses




As I headed home up the other side of the peninsula  I took a few  more pics


I think this sign says it all  lovely area with a relaxed feeling and vibe



2 thoughts on “Timberlea to Peggys Cove and back again. 89 km

  1. I enjoyed meeting you in Thunder Bay and following your amazing blog. The next challenge: how you’re going to adjust to your “real” life routines after all these adventures.
    All the best!


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