Halifax relaxing

For all you readers just thought I’d update you. I was a bit emotional yesterday and found it hard to put into words what it felt pushing black Betty into the water to finish my trip. Has it been fun?

A resounding yes I had highs and lows but that was to be expected. It’s funny when the lows kicked in there was always something or someone who pop up and it became fun again.

Blackbetty survived and treated  me well after all if I was indoors so was she and apart from 3 punctures and a new chain and her bottom bracket tightened twice she was brilliant. Built in true German fashion to last. They only thing is she was a tad heavy as was the case in question when Dale singing my praises to the 2 lifeguards on the beach about what I had just done asked them to lift her one failed as she was just to heavy!!!

I think it was the amazing people I encountered along my journey that will stay with me for ever. Generous, kind helpful and always went the extra mile to help me in so many ways. To many to mention  individually but you know who you are. Mainly Canadians but America doesn’t go with out mention Nancy you were a star and even went camping with me I hope you forth coming trip is all you hope for and more because that is serious wilderness your taking on keep me posted. All of you if your over my way  pop in Pete is gearing up for visitors. Amy it was a pity we didn’t get a chance to ride longer but your time schedule didn’t fit but I believe your planning your next trip it’s additive that’s for sure. I’m beginning to think what next? Maybe something in Britain next?

To Pete my husband thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support love and always on the end of the line or should I say FaceTime. You got me through the rough bits and had the  belief I would do it. You didn’t say what are you mad when I first mentioned my cunning plan to do something to challenge me. You just said what ever you do,do it for you so thank you again. To my kids Greg and Kim you also were so supportive and also believed that your Mum had it in her and were again at the end of the computer. Sorry especially to Greg and his future wife Ella for sometimes calling late due to time differences and I look forward to celebrating your engagement when I get home. You were right Greg to be ruthless with my packing in fact I should have been more ruthless that Sunday when we laid it out in the back garden. Kim my fashion guru always on my case regards my fashion problems along the way hopefully lunch is on you on my return before you go off travelling. I hope you have as much fun as I have had and equally  meet people that will leave a lasting impression.

To all my other family thank you,to friends and other readers who took time out of their day to bother to read my meanderings thank you I hope you’ve enjoyed my journey as much as I have. I will still be blogging on what I’m up to before Pete arrives.as I seemed to have arrived 10 days early!!

Taken by Dale whilst I was in a bike shop(no I didn’t buy anything Pete)

Stopping to speak to a guy from Glasgow asking about my trip

Cycling up the last hill to Dales house yesterday afternoon

Relaxing off Dales deck in Chocolate Lake after completing my journey I may have also been having another beer!!!!

My next mission weaning myself off Timmys cinnamon frosted buns just tea now dam!!!!!

No more

Definatly no more of these

Or these poor Timmys sales will go down.


10 thoughts on “Halifax relaxing

  1. Congratulations! What an achievement. Harries and I were in Canada on holiday 2 weeks ago, yes we went across from Toronto to Vancouver but WE travelled by plane , train, and car!. You have seen the real Canada. We hated the insect bites, we had a few, pity about them. Safe journey home. Harries and Rose.


  2. Awesome achievement Liz!!
    I couldn’t wait to check my inbox daily to read about your adventures and see the places you photographed.
    I’ve been sharing your blogs and giving everyone at work updates.
    You have inspired me to know that we are capable of more than we could ever imagine.
    ENJOY a well deserved relaxing time for the rest of your stay in Canada.



  3. Looking really chilled on that lake Liz. What’s this about another trip? You mean you’re going to leave me on my own to run that Timmy’s while you’re off on more of your travels. Enjoy a great break!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi liz . Well done . We have really enjoyed your blog and will miss it . You are really going to miss timmy . You’ll have to get the recipe . Enjoy your time with Pete hope you both have a wonderful time . We’ll done again . See you when you come home . Wine is in the fridge . Love mo and Terry . X x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Huge congratulations and admiration on your achievement Liz, have thoroughly enjoyed my morning email with your day updates, will miss those. Maybe you should put it all in a book now along with pictures !! Enjoy your rest and holiday when Pete arrives.. X
    Pat and John (Blairgowrie )


  5. Well done Liz a really great achievement you should be very proud of yourself. Loved following your journey. Enjoy your holiday with Pete. Lots of love Claire


  6. Hi Liz what a journey I new you would do it, a bit afraid for you when you told me at first. I will miss your morning blog. I can imagine what your grannie would say”oh lassie I am so proud of ye “as I am. Relax take it easy, Pete will be with you soon, enjoy the holiday. Love you


  7. Liz, it was a pleasure following your adventure. (I like the idea of putting it all in a book!) Have a wonderful time when Pete arrives and have a good rest while waiting for him to get there. I look forward to seeing you when you are back in Norfolk x


  8. Well done Liz and well done Black Betty too.
    Having been eagerly reading the blog over many weeks and looking forward to seeing the day’s adventure, encounters (and whether there was a cinnamon bun or not) to see you reached the goal is fantastic. Really, really great job! Now you can put your feet up.
    Have a really good rest of the trip!


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