Bedford to Black Rock Beach Halifax -Day 93 -17 km

Ive done it emotional wreck or what. The day finally arrived and I was up and packed awaiting Dale who had kindly offered to guide me down town be my support and cheer for me when black Betty’s wheel dipped in the ocean and also be my photographer today.  A big thanks Dale considering we only just met about 2 weeks ago in New Brunswick as you flagged me down to ask about my trip as a fellow tourer. 

 Dale was as happy as I was.

As we made our way down town Dale leading the way we saw another cyclist  not loaded up so Dale cranked the pace up passed him and I then did so  and left him in my dust was a nice feeling. Dale pointed out places of interest and it is a very nice city with many a hill but as they say manageable or do able.

When we were going down town there was a bit of fog on the water and the sounds of boats blowing their horns which was nice.

Passed millionaires row with their impressive house  for  2 people. Also there was some sort of charity bike ride going as police motorcycles kept stooping the traffic at junctions.

There they go imagine riding that sucker across Canada an interesting concept me think!

Onward to the beach and there we were the moment was there and it finally sunk in I did it  I made it 6,706 km  or 3,728 miles one summer one bike and a lot of nice people on the way helped. Not to mention the support of my family without you I could never have completed it. I will put a update of my feelings for you all when I get a moment this weekend.

Dale helping get the bike back on solid ground due to the weight she sinks in sand, got to look after the old girl. The bike not me!!!!!!

Officially journey’s end

With the life guards 

Then we were off to the waterfront which was fantastic passed Pier 21 where all immigrants use to arrive now a museum. 

 now to look around whilst in search of a beer and something to eat.

The walk way you can still see the fog lingering over the water.

Bit out of my league and yours Derek well who wants one of those churning up the Norfolk broads.


Sums it up

Then on for a spot of lunch and the all important drink lovely way to spent a day good company nice surroundings and sense of achievement.

Once we had lunch we headed to Dales house and I then discovered he lives next to Chocolate lake so it was chill time swimies  on and into the lake from his deck and lounge on a floating with a beer a perfect end to a perfect day

The lake  at the end of the garden. Once again thanks to Dale for making this moment a wonderful occasion.


One thought on “Bedford to Black Rock Beach Halifax -Day 93 -17 km

  1. Well done Liz. You are an inspiration. I am just going to bed after last night shift of the set. You didn’t miss much. Enjoy the rest of your time in Canada. It was great to follow your adventure. Wish I had the courage to do something similar. Look forward to meeting up with you again. Xbox


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