Truro to Bedford NS – Day 92 – 93Km in blistering heat 

Where am I and how did I get here? I woke this morning to fog and thought it maybe cooler oh so wrong. I was on the rd by 08.30 and heading down Hwy2 and staying off the main hwy was my goal today and manage it I did.

As I started out the weather started to clear very quickly and I was faced with a fantastic day if you were in a mind to sunbath by a pool or the ocean so you could cool down with a swim. Not me you’ve heard of mad dogs and English, go out in the midday sun that was me. I didn’t want to stay put in Truro as the motel I stayed in was lovely but no air con and Mosquitos everywhere. So I thought I would make it half way to Halifax but the journey had other ideas and I ended doing more km due to the fact I couldn’t find anywhere to stop. I certainly was not camping in this weather to dam hot.

As I pulled out of Truro I noticed these wigwams proper ones at that. appears there was a First Nation event going on.

As you can see the weather was still manageable.

On I pushed and no motels etc could be found. I then passed various lakes and people out in them swimming if I had gotten off my bike I would still be sitting in the lake sizzling.

At this point it was getting late in the afternoon I had done calculations when I stopped at timmys earlier and thought I had it in me to make Bedford. Bedford sits at the end of Bedford Basin and when I walked down from my motel you can see the bridge over from Halifax to Dartmouth  and it looks pretty with all the sail boats and people walking on the front area tonight but I didn’t take my camera as I just popped out for milk.

 My confession today is as it got late  and although I felt ok if not a little hot and even had my hair band soaked in water round my neck. It happened the dreaded fall off my bike quickly I must of hit a hole in the rd which wasn’t great and down I went  I landed sprawled on my stomach with hands out. The lorry driver who was passing was great she dusted me down gave me iced water and others came to my assistance. I got up and surprisingly no cuts possible bruising will happen over night I’m sure. The bit that hurts the most is my chest as I went down on my handlebars what a bloody fool. Still blackbetty with stood her battering on her second last day no harm done. I’ve taken a few tablets to ward off stiffness of tomorrow which I’m sure will come.

As I booked into the motel and then had a shower I found my internet wasn’t working in that room so it was off again to a new room which didn’t help moving my bags again but the price I pay to speak to Family. So today was also emotional knowing it is almost complete all my planning and finally the journey almost complete its very difficult to put into words how I’m feeling but I’m sure I will soon when I get my head round it.

Dale a guy who came out and spoke to me as I passed him enroute to the confederation bridge at New Brunswick last week has invited me to stay tomorrow night with him and his family for some maritime hospitality so thanks Dale I’ll see you tomorrow for my final leg, hope I’m not to stiff after my fall but nothing would stop me as I’ve come this far.

What was the temp today well my temp gauge on my bike read 32 at 1700hrs not sure what the humidity was but I’ve never had my arms dripping before not to mention my hair not a good look.


4 thoughts on “Truro to Bedford NS – Day 92 – 93Km in blistering heat 

  1. Hi Liz you poor thing I hope you’re alright thank goodness you didn’t break any bones. I think you are so brave, you will get to the end of this marvels journey your Mum and Granny would be so very, very proud of you as I am. Love you


  2. Hope you’re ok Liz cos we’re not! We’re feeling sad that it’s the end of your trip too. It’s been like following a really good series on the tele but much better because its real and it’s someone we know so well. So we’ll have a tear or two with you! Just think in just over a month you’ll be back in sunny Norfolk! Well it will be when you get back as the sun seems to be following you everywhere! X


  3. So sorry to hear of your fall. The heat is unbearable and certainly not the best biking weather. Hopefully now you can have a rest. I hope you have lots to do as you wait for your hubby.


  4. After all those miles you can be excused one fall. (I’ve seen your grazes before from mishaps in Norfolk!)The heat and humidity sounds uncomfortable and a bad hair day too – even worse!! Make the most of this final stage Liz, you have done fantastically well, just amazing x


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