Pictou to Truro – Day 91 – 67Km

This morning  was again a beautiful day and it was going to be hot of that I was sure. So I put on plenty of sun lotion factor 60 should cover it then I sprayed my self with bug off that I bought yesterday these little suckers are not getting me today it’s all out warm on them.

I headed out on the  hwy 376 also known as the blue route.

I would be following this all the way to Truro. The road had shoulder in places but also none in other places but it wasn’t to bad for traffic. In the morning I had small trucks going back and forth by late morning I was on my own with thousands of acres of woodland. Oh did I mention lots of hills, head wind and hot oh yes very hot apparently Nova Scotia is going to be hot all week. Question to myself why did I need to bring wet weather gear and cold gear as I’ve never actually used it. This summer sun seems to have followed me it’s been brilliant as I wouldn’t have wanted to do this route in miserable weather.


As I went along I have never seen so many Scottish names appear either on mail boxes or road signs we even have a loch here.

I believe above is just on the top of mt Thom


  As I was on the old highway I looked up and thought I’m glad I’m not on the new one look at the hill. Wrong as I went round the corner I had my own climb in very hot midday sun but unlike the Rockies I now just drop down to granny gear and climb. 

Then into the above county

Just for the golfers I looked at this hole and thought who planned this. Then I saw the name of the course before I hit a downward run in to Bible hill

Right name of that I’m sure

Yes no bible seen here and no hill either.

Then onto Truro and as I saw the supermarket dived in there to get something to eat for evening meal and the liquor store was next door so I had to pop in and guess what yes they had my  blueberry ale  wheat beer from PEI so I purchased some well I had a little room left in one pannier.

As I sit writing this I had to pop it open and it was well earned today my little treat! 


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