Eldon PEI to Pictou Nova Scotia- 40km biking plus ferry – Day 90

Last night was very hot so I didn’t get much sleep plus I was bitten by mosquitoes they were even biting through my cycle shorts this morning. Note to self get more spray.

Due to not sleeping well I was up and out on the road much earlier than I thought I would. Even at this time of the morning it was getting hot so in some ways  glad I started early so I could finish early.

A few sites on route to the ferry this morning to take me over to Nova Scotia

I made the ferry quite early paid 20$ and asked where I should go and wait. At that point a lady in a golf buggy stated follow me so I was off whilst everyone waited. There I stood with bike first in line and was boarded first it’s great on a bike!!!

Leaving port on a beautiful day it was like a mini cruise and so warm no jacket  needed so sat on deck just taking in the ferry ride.


Coming in to Nova Scotia at Caribou.  My last Province it was quite emotional. All this time I had been waiting for this and now it was here unbelievable almost at my final destination.

I cycled away looking for the tourist info centre or my final sign then the sign came into view and photo had to be taken.

On I went and due to the heat I had already decided to stop just after midday at Pictou as it is the first port the Scots arrived at in New Scotland.

In the town there is so many Scottish names and even has mrs Macgregors tea room and shortbread also clans tartan signs on the lampposts near to the replica ship Hector

For any family members interested. So I went down town and had something to eat at Sharrons which comes recommended and didn’t disappoint especially as it had air conditioning. Tomorrow I move on to Truro.


6 thoughts on “Eldon PEI to Pictou Nova Scotia- 40km biking plus ferry – Day 90

  1. I it’s amazing where we get to. your just following on in family tradition it would seem. Say hi to everyone as they are sure to ask if you know such , such. Just say “I didnae Ken him” mx


  2. Hi Liz,
    It was wonderful to read today that you got to experience Scottish Nova Scotia and all the history of how the Scottish people arrived and were a big part of making Nova Scotia what it is today. I’m sure very emotional. Your almost done your journey. One you will never forget. Thanks for taking all of us on the blog along with you on your travels. I will miss my daily updates when you come to the end.


  3. Hi Liz your Scottish Accent will come in really handy, we scots get every where. Can’t believe this is the last Province. Good photos. We had great weather yesterday took a wee run up Glenshee in morning it was just beautiful. In the afternoon the family came round, they’re back to school today. Iain is going golfing and I am go to see Elspeth. Love you


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