Charlottetown to Eldon – Day 89 – 50 km

Eased into today very slowly as knew it was going to be a hot one. I eventually left my motel just after 9.30. A really late start for me but hey not on any schedule. I headed down the confederation pathway all the way into downtown Charlottetown which was quite busy for a Sunday morning. Lots of people were either out on the trail keeping fit or at the farmers market down down. The market didn’t quite have the same vibe as Fredricton but I just wandered about but not a lot in the way of eats. This was a more craft fair by the locals but no room in my panniers I’m afraid.

Tonight as the Internet is not near by I will write the blog then add the photos. I pressed on out of town and took the road across Hillsborough bridge and out on Hwy 1 but soon dived off of that to go down to No 26 but eventually it pushes you back on hwy 1 again. There were some nice views. I then saw a bird of prey sitting on the telegraph wire and got my camera out only for him to take off but have managed to capture some of it. 

I had a bit of a head wind to day and the road kinda sweeps up and down sometimes near to the inlets sometimes not but taking me nearer to the ferry which I will take tomorrow morning all going well. The shoulder was good some of the way the rest of the time it was hit and miss.

Not knowing if there would be any. Shops near my motel tonight a  popped into the Chuckwagon  fresh veg place and had a late lunch and sat as best I could in the shade then headed out again.

Sod’s law what appears 1 km up the rd a garage come grocery store and the motel is 1 km after that isn’t it just the way. Anyway seeing it had, a liquor licence I dived into the cold section and picked out 2 beers for tonight’s treat. I went for the locally brewed stuff and I must say that the blueberry ale is really nice not sweet but has a kick my favourite so far although I also bought a honey and wheat beer for the tasting so I will let you know.


 The trail I started on


 Now which way am I going again.



Views of the day along the route


Every time I got near it moved. Plus I was hot and and difficulty stopping shaking whilst taking it.

There he goes again

Lunch stop

 Trying to find shade.

The end of the day and well earned blueberry beer lovely.


2 thoughts on “Charlottetown to Eldon – Day 89 – 50 km

  1. Hi Liz. i love seeing and reading about your ride. I forgot when you said you will arrive at you destination . How many more days ?


    • Looks like a couple of more days but am going to be sitting in Halifax more than a week waiting for Pete unless I come up with a cunning plan to way lay getting to Halifax so soon


      On Monday, August 17, 2015, liz and black betty wrote:



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