Central Bedeque to Cavendish Day 87 – 62km the scenic route

Today was simply beautiful if not just a little to hot but better than miserable weather. I set off towards  Summerside. Then I went on the confederation bike trail all the way up to  Kensington. The island is extremely picturesque. Lots of rolling hills with farm land and the views to the Northumberland straits in the morning and by afternoon  the coast changed to the gulf of St Lawrence.


 People were extremely friendly and I was always stopping to pass the time of day with people which was nice. I then moved on to a place called Mapleque which had a museum of passed land and sea stuff and next door was a artists house displaying their works but also serving coffee and home made cinnamon buns on the veranda. It would have been rude not to go in and sample especially as the owner stopped for a chat whilst cutting the grass. There I met another guy ex forces with his grandson who gave me the low down on where to eat etc so very helpful. So after about 3/4 hours stop I started out again.


The museum next door to the cafe. Onwards took me through Darnley a few ups and downs as the island is not flat by any means so I burnt off my cinnamon bun.

Then Anne of green gables aunt and uncles house and the museum popped into sight as I was going down hill so I shoved on the brakes and went for another detour and visit it was that kind of day.


 There is other updates to put on this blog but it will have to wait till I get near a internet connection that has taken all night to up load theses photos so will resume tomorrow with further updated photos.

More photos of yesterday as promised. Just as requested by Lee more of Anne of Green Gables.

 The actual house now a museum. And also the now gift shop slightly over done with dolls and chinz but the Japanese love it as by the number of tours coming through but I managed to catch it when not many people there as it is  isolated.


The pond she wrote about in front of the house owed by her aunt and uncle.



2 thoughts on “Central Bedeque to Cavendish Day 87 – 62km the scenic route

  1. Hi Liz, and I was just joking about Anne of Green Gables, it was a Annual watch in the Keay household when the girls were small. I download the book on my Kindle yesterday, just doing a bit of down memory lane. The island looks very idyllic. Look forward to more photos. Love you


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