Cavendish to Charlottetown Day 88 50 km

I have added a few more photos from yesterday. I got to Cavendish at about 1700 last night and managed to book into a cheap place where the old lady was extremely nice. I used the swimming pool as it was so hot it was nice to cool off and of course do more excersie before I tackle yet some more lobster. It sounds like I’m living it up but honest cheap room and cheap food. 

I must admit I had to retire in doors later due to my friends the mosquito who were biting big style and my legs have the bites to proof it.

This is French River before Cavendish and the bay’s hold lots of blue mussels farmed I think.

So this morning I left to head towards Charlottetown it was extremely hot with a head wind which didn’t really cool you more like it was a oven door being opened at 200 degrees. I had picked out a motel and while enroute, my lovely hubby had already secured me a room thank you. He did it as it is very busy with the weather being nice and this is busy month for people on holiday.

I didn’t stop much. As I was either going up hill or rushing down hill and not inclined to stop but took a few at North Rustico at the bay there as I was leaving.

Also took a picture below at Oyster bed River

This motel is on the outskirts of Charlottetown so I ventured down the confederation trail to get some food this afternoon but need to go down town possibly tomorrow as I’ve heard it’s nice so would be a shame to miss it. I’m getting  very near now to finishing this trip unfortunately I will be slightly earlier than hoped as Pete doesn’t  arrive till the 1st but so looking forward to being together again and enjoying our holiday. I’m also sad that this journey is also coming to a end as it’s been a long time in planning and so much fun I don’t want it to end but end it must.


4 thoughts on “Cavendish to Charlottetown Day 88 50 km

  1. Hi Liz I to will miss the journey I feel I Have been with you every step of the way. It will be so good for you to be with Pete again, I think you have missed him big time, only natural. If I was to have one memory of your trip it would have to be the people you have met on your way. Love you


  2. Your lobster made me hungry!
    You could pick a spot and stay there for a few days. Once you get to Halifax you will have lots to do. Or you could go to Peggy’s Cove and the South Shore. I think you would love that country.


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