Shediac to Shemogue Day 85 – 39 km

A very short day but glad as it was raining really hard yes I said it raining, only the second day it’s rained all day on this trip which is pretty good going. There has been days with showers but not a full day of rain. Tomorrow the sun is coming out to play again and is set to get nice and warm on Prince Edward Island so looking forward to that.

Today I headed straight to Timmys after leaving the motel in hope it may ease up but after a hour of lingering there I could see it was on for the duration. Whilst there I was asked by some more people about my journey as I sat and nursed my cup of tea.

I set out and it wasn’t cold just very wet  and quite warm. So not many photos today.

 I was hoping to go along the coastal road and have nice views. Well I still went along the rd but the views weren’t all that great I’m afraid.

I was also contending with a bit of a head wind which didn’t help. Half way along to my warmshowers host a guy came cycling up behind me and started chatting to me as I rode along. I maybe doing him an injustice but he made me feel very on edge. He asked about where I was going to and where I came from and that must have cost a lot of money!!!! I was very non comittal in my answers then he told me he was a ex drug addict  and currently on welfare but soon to start seasonal work. I started to go slower and eventually he rode off in front of me and I put distance between us. I must confess it is the first time on the road  I’ve been less  friendly but Hey I could happen anywhere, and he may well have been just a chatty chappie?

I arrived at my warmshowers very early in the afternoon and as I now sit here writing my blog the rain has finally stopped but God are. The Mosquitos out in force. My host is Bill and Marilyn and I got shown Marilyn’s studio where she does fabulous  hand painted silks. Bill is out on his boat as this is the 1st day of the lobster season so he has been out since the early hours and we will go down and collect him soon. Maybe I’ll get a picture of his boat and add it later. First I must put some repellent on as the Devils are biting for sure.

Home for the night and we have just come back from Seeing Bill bring in his boat with the first catch of the season.  

Bills boat after it was unloaded.

Part of his catch for the day.

Our evening meal for the night

Other boats in the harbour the season only lasts till the beginning of October

Our evening meal all cooked and ready for the table once Bill gave me an update on how to actually crack them open. All I can say was wow. They were super and tasted fabulous from boat to plate can’t get any fresher than that. 


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