Salisbury to Shediac Day 84 – 54 km

As you can see a very short day travelling in lovely sunshine. I left my hosts at about 0845 today and headed out on the 106 hwy towards Moncton. The road was fairly busy some bits were good other bits full of the usual potholes. As I neared Moncton I got a cycle lane which was good although it didn’t last to long. 

This is the Petitcodiac which is also known by locals as the chocolate river due to the muddy waters it also has a tidal surge a bit like the Severn when  they surf on it like wise they do that here at certain times

As I pulled into Moncton I popped into Timmys for breakfast  and to fill up my water bottles I had forgotten to replenish. I then got chatting to 2 guys called Mike and Woody who saw my sign across Canada and were asking all about my trip which was nice. I had checked my route and wasn’t planning on going to far today. I also needed to do essential like get my phone topped up and my washing done. Next stop was the laundromat just down the road and on my route out of town. There I met a couple who were driving across Canada and they to were catching up on mundane stuff like fresh clothing.

After all that it was time to hit the road again although there was quite a bit of roadworks but I managed to go on the pavement and skip around without upsetting the road workers sometimes it’s handy been on a bike. 

The road to the coast was ok  no major dramas  more houses than I have been use to but still wooded area and fields and the odd Hwy to cross over.

Then it was into town of Shediac which is on the coast  round from the gulf of St Lawrence but stands on the Northumberland Strait. It was extremely busy as this is peak tourist season. The place is famous for Lobsters as can be seen by their giant one as you enter town. I tried to get a photo but there was a bus load of Japanese tourist who had just got of the bus armed with cameras it’s funny to watch.


I must have managed to get some without  the bus tour amazing as they were clambering all over.

It was then off to try and find a place to stay and as you can see I was successful even thou a little pricey but this is seaside country and it bumps up the prices so tomorrow I move on towards  Prince Edward Island but I’m going to go the coastal route and take my time as I have a warm showers host tomorrow night just down the road so not many km tomorrow either.

View of the bay as I pulled in

My room for the night 

So it’s good night  and write more tomorrow


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