Mill Cove to Salisbury  Day 83 – 93 km 

Well Ed made a mean breakfast and I said my good byes and on the road by 8am this morning. The sun was out and the road was fairly quiet as I made my way along to join the 112 hwy. I passed  various housing and lots of forest.  

Last of the lake before I turned south then East. Also a small cafe next to campsite but not open but then I had just had breakfast.


Plenty of forest  this was before Coles island and turning onto hwy 112 which I was to stay on most of the day.

  Going east 

  Hwy2 which I’m avoiding going on although I’m allowed to ride it

At about 60 km I met a French girl also touring on her bike but going from Halifax back to Quebec City so we stopped exchanged details of roads a head and things and wished each other well then both of us went our separate ways. I noted she had far less stuff to carry than I.

 I’ve noticed a few of these house along my travels, spot the front door but no steps to get there interesting concept I thought wouldn’t like to have a couple of drinks and step out!!!!

  Went passed the came back  to look at house sign

   Well we know what happens here when you visit.
As I made my way towards my  host for the night a lady and small child were at the end of their drive and started to speak to me. Later found out her name was Terri and her grandaughter who kindly invited me in for a cold drink on a very warm day thanks  it was much appreciated and so we chatted for a while then I had to make tracks.

Terri outside her house thanks again

As I pushed on there was a bit of a climb before I wended downwards towards Salisbury 

A view from the top

Into Kings county to be fair I had just been in the Queens county.

As I came to the outskirts of the town what should loom up but Timmys so I dived in there and had my usual treat well I’d done 90 km and I need my treat. Whilst there I managed to make contact with Pete just to update as I was 

doing that a guy rode in saw my bike. Smiled and waved a fellow tourer we all gravity to Timmys see not just me!

He also has crossed Canada and had left Fredricton this morning and going further passed Moncton today so about 160 km  he is going all the way to St Johns NF then coming back and on the ferry and cycling to Halifax where he has a flight back to Frankfurt on the 5th sept. He orginal was only going to Halifax but has been So fast is doing the St. John’s then Halifax mad fool… and that’s also having done extra and gone to Niagra Falls he must has been going really fast or I’ve been going exceptional slow!!!!

I arrived at my hosts just after 6 pm and had a well earned shower and sat chatting to Larry  and his wife but early to bed tonight then I will head out to the coast tomorrow my first glimpse of the ocean or should I say part of the Northumberland Strait  before turning towards Prince Edward Island


2 thoughts on “Mill Cove to Salisbury  Day 83 – 93 km 

  1. Hi Liz, sounds like it is going well.
    Love the pics.
    I am off in the bongo today with two of the grandkids.
    Going to the site at stiffkey. The one you told me about. Will let you know how it goes. Hopefully we will remember how to put the awning up 🙂


  2. Hi Liz again it is the people that I will remember most on your journey. Their houses are painted just like Tobermory it’s wonderful. Weather wise over here wet one day nearly dry the next. Iain is going Golfing this morning and hopefully in the garden this afternoon. Love you


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