Fredricton to Mill Cove Day 82 – 64 km

I knew today I only had about 60 km to cover so got a late start. So  I was packed up and on the road by 09.30 which for me was late. I was following the river on hwy 105 for the day which would eventually lead me to Mill Cove my destination for the night,

Note the British flag unusual as it’s the only the first I’ve seen out here on a private dwelling, also quite a stiff breeze blowing a Cross wind for me today. 

After a while cycling I came across a fruit and veg place with Mr potato head out side so I went in got a few bits and of course some chocolate milk to keep me going.


 Mr potato head of course.

  Passed Sheffield of course it very small compare to ours in fact I do believe I blinked and missed it.

  Then around 1130am I spied a diner open so it was second breakfast and lunch all rolled into one. It was great really unusual  inside as you will see from the photos but great food and was very very busy for a Sunday morning. 
Nice I wouldn’t mind this

As you can see it had everything in here and so much more with dining at the front but seemed to work well. Then it was back to the road and push on. At Jemseg I came to diversion sign to go onto  Hwy 2 but I thought it maybe rd works I could go through so I ignored. On I travelled about 5 km and came up against the rd being shut to cross the bridge.

Undaunted and no turning back I lifted the panniers off and pushed my bike round and hoped the bridge was safe as you can tell I’m still here.

It was ok but if was looking worse for wear. 

Views of the grand lake came into view

 I was looking for my hosts house which I got told was down the rd and last cottage before you hit the water. As I ventured down a track or should I say a private rd I was greeted by what I was to discover was my host Kathy driving up to greet me. She rolled the window down and stated warm showers  I replied yes and made my way down to her cottage to be greeted by the family. May I say hospitality second to none. I was warmly received and next minute I knew Ed had a bottle of beer in my hand and off to sit by the fire pit over looking the lake fantastic. 

What a place to come to most weekends and during the summer months. Also there was Ted and  Kathys daughter and husband and grandaughter who is only 3 but came straight out and said I had a funny accent. 

Sunset over Grand Lake after to many beers to count and blast I forgot to take photos of my hosts. In between we had a fabulous meal so thanks again guys for putting me up it was awesome and another night by a fire similar to Corals Cabins back in BC .  You Canadians are truly friendly. Sorry not posted last night but no internet which suit the place a complete switch off and chill place.


2 thoughts on “Fredricton to Mill Cove Day 82 – 64 km

  1. Yes, I looked twice for your post yesterday wondering what had happened! I’ve just got in off the night shift (all you are missing is the extra work the Summer season brings to Norfolk!) and thought I’d have another quick look while eating cereals before I went to bed. Glad you are still there …. so good morning and good night !! x


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