St Leonard to Florenceville Bristol – Day 78 110km

Last night I booked into a motel which was quite expensive as only one about at the end of a long day. First the internet failed which was annoying as I hadn’t spoken to family and secondly because I do my planning for the next day through the google maps and other factors. It came back by that time I was tired so I was sound a sleep only to be woken with the alarm going off, it 

appears someone set it before me for 12 midnight so I managed in my sleep to roll over and turn off or so I thought. Round 2 the bloody thing went off again must have been in snooze mode not best please is a understatement. I had to turn the light on to figure it out then took time to get back to sleep.

Needless to say I wasn’t sticking around for breakfast even though I was to get 10% off. So on the road by 8am and headed to Grand Falls. As I entered town I saw the big McCain  plant appears they are big around here. As I came in I also saw Walmart so dived into  the shop to buy supplies also I had run out of cooking fuel but they didn’t stock it. Coming out I  saw Tim hortons so pulled in for breakfast and to use the Internet to plan my day.

  First view of the day just before entering town on 144 Hwy

 I was slow getting out of Timmys as I was still tired and having difficultly with the route but finally my choice was made I would take the 105 hwy to Perth Andover. Next stop was getting fuel from across the road at Canadian Tire then onto the town and the falls.


Quite impressive with 2 zip wires going across so I stood and watched people flying across which was good

 The road was ok but lots of pot holes but not used by much traffic. It was also quite hilly in places but manageable. I stopped for something to drink  around midday as it was getting very hot and sticky and knew that meant thunderstorms as I saw navy blue skies coming up. As I was about 20 mins out of Perth Andover the heavens opened up but as there was no place to shelter I just carried on. I reached Perth and pulled in at a cafe to have something to eat and drink and wait for the weather to change as I thought it to early to stop. I should have stopped as I was later to discover but as I saw blue sky popping through I thought I’d change tack and try another rd.


 Views from the Hwy105


 Drinks stop before the heavens opened up.

So from Perth I headed up the hill onto the Hwy 130 to see if it was any better it appeared ok with large shoulder, again hills but manageable  and having checked Google there was a motel 25 km down the road so I thought!!!! Wrong as it started to rain again and rumbles of thunder started again just as I pulled up to the motel. There I was greeted by a women who was boarding up windows and said it had been closed for sometime now, but not according to dear old Google. So on my bike again another few miles to be done to Florenceville Bristol(what a name)  apparently I didn’t take a photo due to rain it’s the French fries capital of the world yes and boy can you smell it coming from McCain factory. So when will I learn not to trust google? I’m not sure of my route tomorrow I seem to be crossing and re crossing St Johns river. I’m sure tomorrow will be no different but hopefully a little less mileage.

I would update with a few more pics but Internet is slow again  so if I remember I’ll try tomorrow not that many due to weather. 

View from Hwy 130 just out side Perth Andover 

  Clearview appears not many houses but yes it shows me a clear view of yet another hill!



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