Temiscouta -sur-le-lac to St Leonard – Day 77 – 93 km

I was up early this morning  and on the road before 8am as I knew when I crossed into New Brunswick  I lose a hour due to time zone. The weather was nice not to hot to start with a bit of a head wind but I was heading back down to the trail I came off yesterday which shielded  me from some of the wind.

Temiscouta Lac first thing this morning as I headed to the trail

On the trail with the sun shining on the water.

One of quite a few of these bridges along the trail way

So I did the trail to the New Brunswick border there were a few places I had to hop off at as there were quite a few trees on the pathway making it impossible to get passed possibly from the windy and rain yesterday. 

The border on the trail nice sign

I then came off the trail went across the road to the information centre to get some info and new maps. I decided to go back on the trail for a short time then take the 144 highway which goes through Edmundston and  to this location. It runs  near the Hwy 2 and has a shoulder most of the way but not as busy as the main Hwy. Tonight I’m going to decide with the info given as to which route to take from Grand Falls. This afternoon it got very hot and I had head winds but I pushed on  but by mid afternoon I was really tired so called it a day. 

I followed the St Johns  river down the road and on the other side is Maine USA so I took pictures of some of the settlements across the way.

So as I came into New Brunswick I went to Timmys to which I was able to get my usual fix which was lacking in Quebec Province. Simple things in life to keep me going. 


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