Rivière du loup to Temiscouta sur le lac  Day 76 – 83 Km

Today was a trying day for so many reasons. I was up and had breakfast and also packed up and ready to hit the road at 8 am. As I pulled out the rain started although it was very warm and yes a southerly head wind so everything that was not wanted I got. I put my wet weather gear on only to get very hot luckily by the time I had got up  out of town ( big hill to climb to start day) the rain was just down to some showers so jacket was quickly taken off. Not a good start.

The river and falls as you come out of town.

I was then looking for the trail I would be taking today. Thanks Amy for where I was suppose to be going.

The trail I would be on most of the day. For the first 50 km you slowly climb only 4% as its a old railway line but I don’t know if it was the gravel my bike weight or the head wind but I struggled and it seemed ages to do any km plus I kept hearing thunder then I would get gusts of wind so strong I felt like I was going no where but kept going.

Raining again but with the wind you couldn’t get dry as it just blew in.

Then the sun would come out again and so would the flys 

My bike and panniers just fitted through these gates which you have  to slow down as you bounce over them. I thought I would stop at Saint – Louis- du Ha Ha yes the place does  exist.

Wrong my plan went down the pan when the heavens opened and a massive thunder storm struck so I was trapped in a rest stop outside said place.

It got worse and  the rain wasn’t taking time to come down so stuck in  a rest stop with rain coming in the side with the wind. After that the trail was a gritty mess full of puddles and clogging up the gears and the brakes sounded horrendous on the bike.  Also the storm kept coming around for round 2.

So at Cabano I came off the trail and took to the road as I had a motel, pickked and according to Google was only 10km away. What it didn’t say was to end my day I had  3 mighty climbs to put in. So here I sit near to the main highway but it looks very hilly so tomorrow if the trail is dry I will head down the hill and continue round the lake on the trail towards Edmundston. At the moment it thundering again but still warm so I’ll see what tomorrow brings but hopefully won’t be as bad as today, I knew there would be a sting in the tail of this adventure that being we are back to headwinds, and hills oh and because I’ve not seen much rain it’s going to test me now.

That was just the first of three hills to finish with by then the sun was out but rain not to far away.


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