Rivière Du Loup Day 75 still here.

Got up this morning and had a lovely breakfast with everyone. It is one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed at a mixed bunch and quite a few cyclists. A lot have driven up here and now either cycling the trails or kayaking. 

After breakfast I  had a chat with Chris who got in late last night  as he cycled straight from Quebec. He is also cycling across Canada but he has done some  distances in one day (240km) he says he loves going fast. He is here for another night but no doubt will pass me somewhere on the road the next day.

I then cycled to the ferry terminal down on the  coast to await the boat taking me whale watching. It was down hill all the way with a tail wind which would be so good on the way back up.

On the cycle path this appeared it Noel chateau with a Father Christmas outside unusual I thought. Theatre was a bit choppy as we left. It would take us up to Saguenay river and in line with Taduassac on the other side of the St Lawrence seaway

About a hour into the journey we saw a whale breach which was great  after that we were all on the look out. So as the journey progressed we saw 3 Minkie whales breaching and feeding with loads of seals all around them it was magic.  Mind you by then we had a shower or two and it was windy chopped and getting cold but worth it.

Dark clouds looming and a bit of lightning 

Everyone was out I think I fancy a rib better than the bigger boat I was on. It was impossible to get a photo sorry peeps just take my word it was good.

On the way back the storm clouds gathering 

No rain so got back to the hostel dry and ready for the meal  they provided for 10 $ which was very nice  with lots of noise as is often the case when French people gather for a meal  but Luke who went on the boat trip with me translated the bits I missed.

The  table was set for a good night

I started the bottle last night so I needed to finish it tonight as I’m not carrying it. Also athe table the ricard was flowing or Pernod to you and me. A good night had by all . I have now got 3 room mates one from France and 1 from Quebec and one from Montreal  all very nice.

Tomorrow I’ll set off again to follow the trail down towards Edmundston.


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