St Andre to Rivière du loup Day 74 km 30 km

Not far today at all as yesterday I did more km than I needed to to find a room. Had a nice meal last night and met some fellow bikers so sat with them for a while. They are interest as would like to cross Canada to

So another nice cycle day but a very short one. Booked two nights at the hostel and needed the bike tyre sorted. The ride into town was uneventful but lovely scenery as always. Passed through a small town of Notre dame Portage  which was really nice and hugs the coastline rivière is actually quite hilly so look forward to leaving not!!!!!  

On the road in this morning

I arrived in town at about 10.30 and went to the tourist info to get map of my next bit of the journey which should be off the highway down a cycle trail well technically speaking up a cycle trail 4% gradient to begin with and I believe that takes me all the way to Edmundston which means into New Brunswick a new province. Whilst at the info centre I managed to book a sight seeing trip on a boat out to see if I can see some whales tomorrow so looking forward to that.

It was then onto the bike shop to see about my rear tyre. I thought it needed looking at to make sure it doesn’t have a wire that I couldn’t find sticking into my inner tube. The owner didn’t speak English but we managed some how to explain the problem he was very helpful and I was going to buy a new tyre but all he had was a continental city tyre which I was concerned about. In the end he took my tyre off checked the inner  and could find nothing wrong with it and advised it was a better one than the one he was offering so we put a new inner tube in and he stated I should pump the tyres up regularly  so only cost me 13.00 $ for inner tube and his time nice one  and highly recommended to any other cyclist Hobby  Cycle Inc. downtown thanks.

I went to the hostel which is downtown it’s really nice and friendly and asked as I shouldnt book in till  1400. Could I store my gear. I did so then was going off to shop for food when she said my room was ready so in by mid day. 

I love it when a plan comes together a good day so far catching up on  chores  I repacked my bags ditched some stuff so the weight is spread more evenly,washing and contacting family and of course  eating when I get around to cooking tonight. I have even went out and got a cheeky little French bottle of wine to go with my chicken pasta and some smelly French cheese to finish with. God I know how to live it up at a hostel. Bon Appetite! Oh and I have selected the bottom bunk in my room for 4 but as yet I’m Billy no mates.

So looking forward to a lie in tomorrow followed by my boat trip. I must go and cook, or will I have a glass of wine first oh sod it lets start off with a drink first out on the patio.


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